Dating after you have had a breakup or a bad experience can be a little challenging. Sometimes it can be really hard to get out of the past and start all over again. But, you know what… your research for the Mr or Miss Right is on, so you really need give your best. Shrug off all that’s pulling you back and get ready to give your love life a fresh start. dating-app

#1. Whether you meet someone on an online dating app or at a friend’s party and decide to go on a date, please remember that the venue does not matter that much. If he does not take you to the best restaurant in the city, don’t get offended because may be he just wants to see how you react. Be cool and just go with the flow

#2. Don’t recall your past experiences when you are on a date. You will bore your partner to death. If you cannot keep your exes name out of your mind for an hour or so then probably you are not completely over your past experience. Please remember that you are here to start a new chapter so don’t mention your exes name or stories about your boyfriend/ girlfriend of three years.rc_600x450-1

#3.  Please leave all that baggage behind and don’t keep comparing your current date with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Every person is unique and every relation needs space to breathe and flourish. When you are dating someone new, start afresh and treat it like a new life!

#4. Don’t try to pre-judge a person on your first date. We would strongly recommend that you don’t over research to create an opinion about the person before meeting him or her. This will take the fun out of your first date.

#5. You have learnt from your past mistakes, so don’t repeat them when you are dating again. Offer to split the bills, or at least say thanks if he pays for you. Speak up what you have in mind because clear conversation lays the foundation for a healthy relationship.

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