Health Care Vouchers, Insurances, and Social Security Systems were all created with a purely noble purpose, and this was in order to provide the average American citizens an opportunity to be able to have access to top of the line, and good quality health care without having to pay a huge amount of money. This is one of the many initiatives by the American government which were established in order to create a much better life for the average citizen of the country.

The presence of money makes medicare fraud defense necessary, given that Medicare fraud is very prone to happen. There are several means through which this system is abused by corrupt government officials and medical workers who wish to earn more money for themselves. The system in itself is one which is easily manipulable, given that several people who use Medicare for medical assistance need the money immediately, and therefore, little to no scrutiny is done when dispensing the amount of cash requested. The following are some of the common ways through which Health Care Fraud is committed:


Excessive and Unnecessary Services

Some health care needs are reported to be much greater and more urgent than others, and this is done usually through adding more medical equipment and services despite not being necessary for the health issue being dealt with by the patient.


Sometimes, a doctor or a patient gets bribed in order to use a particular medication, or if not, certain medical equipment even if it is unnecessary. Bribes, such as cash gifts, jewellery, food, among others were reported to have been given to them in exchange of these, and this is not in accordance with the Anti-Kickback law.

Billing Fraud

Medical practitioners would be made to forge signatures, citing that certain procedures have been performed, or equipment of medication used of issued despite the fact that the transaction of that sort never actually took place, and therefore leaving the healthcare ID holder billed largely. Moreover, there are instances where the listed price of the operation is more costly than the actual, and in some instances, items are “upcoded”, in order for the item to appear more expensive than it actually is, with the rest of the extra money getting pocketed by some.


Medicare Fraud Defense

Whenever it is discovered by the patient that he or she is at a huge disadvantage, and that they are paying for the unnecessary medication or equipment, or that their bill is noticeably too big for the health care services which they have availed of, they could report such an issue to competent law authority, and be dubbed as “whistle blowers” for any particular fraud. One way to report that is through the FBI, which could be easily reached through their phone number, or through their website.

For legal services, it’s best to choose a law firm which specializes in Qui Tam litigations, through the False Claims Act, which was authored to help victims of Medicare fraud.

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