Kids are very social and hence they prefer playing games with friends and want to stay in touch always. This is what MovieStarPlanet or MSP game all about! MSP is the most widely played social online interactive game where players get the chance to be their favourite movie star in the virtual game. This game focuses on offering the kids between 8-15 years of age with fun, safe and secure social networking platform where they can play the game and enjoy chatting with millions of other players of the game. MSP is totally a free game to play and players are required to gain access to the extended features of the game along with other resources to first track their success and achieve fame in the game. However, there are Star Coins, Diamonds, and other resources that players need to earn in the game. But at times they may also make purchase for such resources online.



Creative, Fun and Social Game to Play

MSP is considered to be the creative, fun and social game for the kids less than 15 years of age. In the game, the characters selected by the players are required to earn fame and fortune along with Diamonds and other add-ons. They need to make movies with the characters they have selected and when other will watch the movies then the players will earn rewards for the same. There are also other resources that players are required to earn in the game like, Diamonds, Star Points and Coins and other rewards. Players need to buy backdrops, animations, costumes for the movies and character in the game of MovieStarPlanet. By participating in creative competitions, playing and interacting with others in the game, the players can easily succeed to other levels of the game. So, MovieStarPlanet game is all about being social, playing, participating in competitions, and exposing your social and creative skills to earn rewards.

The Social Networking Features of MSP


MovieStarPlanet has a variety of social networking features as these features are the part of this fantasy world. Players of the game are required to make new friends in the game and start interacting with them in chat rooms. It is requested to the parents and guardians to talk with their kids about staying safety online and while chatting with others in the chat room.


Parents need to educate the kids about not sharing any of their personal details online while playing and interacting with other players in the chat room. However, the designer of MovieStarPlanet has put many safety features in the game, thus the personal information of players can’t be accessed by anyone. Players are allowed to view only the user name of the players. So, players must ensure that their username never comprises any significant elements of their real name.

The game MovieStarPlanet is totally free to play. Players cross each level of the game simply by making movies, playing games with others and interacting safely with other players in the game. This helps them to earn the Star Coins, Diamonds and other resources. Most of the features in the game are totally free of cost. But, to upgrade the profile with VIP membership it is necessary for the players to pay certain amount.

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