When it comes to innovations in the field of Communication Systems and Information Technology, NEC is one of the pioneer brands, having been around since the late 1800’s, and is still one of the leading brands of today, having filled an average of more than 1,800 U.S. patents for technological products nowadays. NEC Phones Systems, on the other hand, continue to thrive in the market, and is one of the most chosen brands, as they are the most unique, and most innovative. Through the years, NEC has produced a wide variety of phones, with each offering various features. Here is an overview of some of their latest models: nec-dt750-ip-phone

UT880 Desktop Telephone

This model is where the classic desktop telephone and tablet meet in a single device, while providing users with the functionality of both devices. Its features include a multi-touch capability 7-inch full color display, an SIP client which is multiline that is the NEC standard, an open interface for developing applications, voice and hand-free features plus a wide-band speakerphone, Bluetooth capability, integrated camera, support for multiple users, and a USB port for efficient file transfer. The UT880 saves you the hassle of shifting from gadget to gadget in order to get multiple office work done.

UNIVERGE DT770G Desktop Terminals

This particular model enables office workers to make the most of their phones or tablet in terms of functionality, as it allows them to answer calls easily though speakerphones and handsets, place calls through the network, access UC apps, be able to utilize the mobile device in more ways than one, have applications customized, let their devices be charged, and most importantly, keep up with the times and stay updated as upgrades are

Spectralink 84-Series Handsets

The Spectralink 84-Series allow for better work productivity, as well as individual responsiveness for professionals on their phones. This model enables users to transform workflows either through voice, application, or integration of data. It also makes workers much more productive, as the use of web-based applications are maximized, thanks to the VoWLAN device and WebKit-based web browser, bar code image, and API that is XML-based. Furthermore, the device allows easier communication with the Office Communications Server of Microsoft on the VoWLAN device.

NEC’s USB Handset (UTR-1W-1)

The USB Handset has 4 feature keys that could be modified, a lap for easy notifications for incoming calls and voice mails, a large dial pad for easier reading, a connector for headset plugging, and a function that enables you to shift seamlessly between the headset and the handset, either through a function key or on the desktop. If you’re on the lookout for a model that allows for convenience and optimal work output, then this is one of the best handsets out there fit for this particular task.


As a testament to NEC being a leader in terms of technology, the G566 IP DECT makes a name for itself being a sophisticated model, with a wide array of integrated communication features for more effective management of work, regardless of corporation or business type.

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