ATV’s are fun to ride. If you aren’t familiar with ATVs, the abbreviation stands for All Terrain Vehicle. You might have encountered one of these at a nearest beach, or somewhere with plenty of sands. These vehicles pretty much look like dirt bikes with four wheels, and you can ride them practically anywhere no matter how bad the surface is. Being a youth vehicle, the ATVs usually come in funky colors and flashy graphics – but some might just come in a plain exterior without the striking properties. If you think your quad bike (another name for ATV) is dull without some ATV graphics stickers, then you might grab some for yourself.

If you got yourself some quad stickers, here are few tips you should follow while applying them on the body.

Before you Begin

You need to have some materials ready before you begin with applying the stickers on the exterior, otherwise the visible body parts could have scuffs or other significant damages. To apply, you will need – paper tape, scissors or paper knives, heat gun (hair dryer will do too), some sort of cleansing material and for smooth application have a squeegee handy.


Prepare the Application Surface

If you have some old quad stickers installed on your ATV, remove them with appropriate cleansers. Heat gun comes useful for peeling off older stickers without leaving any glue residue on the body. Prepare the surface for new sticker application by wiping with degreasing agent at first, and then use some ATV cleaner to clean the plastic body off. Warm water could also be useful, however make sure you don’t reach the melting temperature.

Apply the Quad Stickers

After the cleansing is done, your ATV body is prepared to apply new stickers. Before you finally place them over the body, observe closely if any glue residue is left. Make sure your stickers are of correct measurement since you can’t get the shop for a refund if you apply the wrong size on your ATV body. However, once you are very sure about the measurements and the surface is cleanest, peel the back paper of the quad sticker till the middle and start sticking the exposed part to the body. Keep sticking the paper and at the same time, take off the protective back paper from the sticker’s rear side. Keep the application steady otherwise the resulting attachment might not be what you exactly wanted.

If the graphics come in multiple parts then the application would become easier, however keep track of the parts going in the right order. If they are somehow marked then it will be easier for you to keep track, otherwise organized them on the floor or a working table before you put those quad stickers on your ATV’s body.

Once you are done with applying the decals to the body of your quad bike, closely observe for bubbles. If they can’t be smoothened out, use a pin tip to puncture them.


After the stickers are applied

To ensure the graphics have settled in, you must not wash your ATV for the next 72 hours. Even if you do so, make sure the water is not reaching the graphics. If you wash the graphics the glue could smudge away and the sticker will probably come off the ATV body. Keep the ATV at dry places, riding through wet surface is not preferred while your new quad stickers are still settling in. However, if you don’t have 72 hours for waiting at least wait 48 hours and keep the ATV at warm places with normal humidity.

For the maintenance of the quad stickers, remember not to buff the graphics using dry towels or any other wiping material. If washing is absolutely necessary, use a soft cloth however stay away from the edges of the design.

Liquid polish could be used on the ATV body for shining, however refrain from using these chemicals during the first three weeks after applying the quad stickers. Many polishes might just harm the stickers.


Patience is the key while applying quad stickers to an ATV. Be patient throughout the whole process and your ATV’s graphics will have the best outlooks.

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