It is very important to know what you need to know about pull up banners before you venture into the market and buy one especially if you are new to the banner market. The display you choose will greatly affect the way your business will be marketed. Some displays are great to the effect that they give you an instant sale.

Pull up banners are at times referred to as pull-up screen, roll up or pop up banners. There basics you have to look into when buying this type of banner namely: images_qtbn_and9gcrr2x-m32u-gfbps0ygjpt7zchkfp5avxmkncn5wob6z8jkrzwuea

The base

This is the component of the banner which sits on the floor and different banners have a different base. Some bases, depending on the banner stand, are hollow with a roller mechanism which in most cases, allows the graphic to retract and be stored inside. They are normally flat and wide to ensure that the display is stable. Other bases are L-shaped or in a form of a tripod stand while others are X-shaped. The price and look will determine which base you will buy.1a

Support Pole

When buying a pull-up banner, check out the support pole which is normally an inch in diameter, which connects both the top bar and the base and holds the graphic upright and in place. You will get them either as shocked corded or telescoping. The shock corded is tent pod shaped and has two or three sections which are held together by a tension cord in the middle. When it comes to a telescoping pole, it has a main tube which is similar in length to the base. If a pull-up banner is placed on a telescoping pole, the graphics will be adjusted to different heights.

This is some of the main things to look for when buying a pull-up banner.

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