Hungry shark world is a recent game available for all android users. This is exclusively available in the Google Play Store and it is developed by graphics giant Ubisoft. This game has already garnered enough likes and users have really liked the game. It’s a fun game and mark the words – it’s addictive.

All you need to start with is shark floating in a graphically affluent sea and you have to eat to grow and survive. But make sure that you are not defeated or eaten by bigger and leaner sharks or perished by submarines. The controls of this game is absolutely easy and it’s a delight for all smartphone users.

Once you visit the hungry shark world page in the google play store you will be asked to download the hungry shark world apk file. It will be a 280MB file and downloading this file will help you to install it and run in your phone. The latest version of the game is 1.4.2 and it is compatible only for jellybean 4.2 and above android versions. It contains 3D graphics which revitalizes the gaming experience in your smartphone. 7 different types of sharks are present and all you need to do is to eat and consume food and climb up the food chain. Once you move up,your jaws will strengthen and you will have pals which will accompany you in your invasion.  Three hunting locations are available for you to rule. These are the pacific island which is a sun kissed tourist destination and you are surely going to get succulent hunt. Next is the frozen heaven which is the arctic sea. Sure you will find some seal and exciting fishes to catch and consume. The last is the vibrant Arabian Sea and covered with excellent industrial landscape.


20 different mission types are available with various challenges,baits and locations. You can unlock each of them by winning and crossing difficulties. You can also deck up your shark using sunglasses,headphones and accessories. Yes it’s as funny as it sounds. The obstacles that are present in your expedition are the big whales, human fishing and submarines. Save yourself from these factors and eat your food to escalate in the food chain.

You can sync the game with your social networking accounts for updates. The leader board in the google play store will help you understand the development globally. The app also offers in-app purchases such as gold currency and gems which you can use to acquire new sharks and proliferate these treasures and brownie points. Well you don’t have to buy these gold coins and gems all the time as you will be awarded for every achievement.


This game obviously goes through frequent upgradation and you will be notified about the same. You can update the game according to your wish. Go through all the comments to know more about the game. Download the Hungry shark world apk and install the game using this apk. Hope you will enjoy the game.

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