A commercial mower is just like any other lawn mower albeit a bit more expensive than your residential mowers. A commercial mower has a better engine, is belt-driven, and more long-lasting than its residential counterpart. The best zero turn commercial mower can make the job of maintaining the lawn look so slick and easy. However, buying a lawn mower is not an easy task, as there are millions of options in the market, each and every brand having their own line of machines. It’s confusing to choose from wide range choices. Since it’s a big investment; you need to factor in a lot of things before settling for a particular brand.

Before you make your decision, here are a few reasons why you may need a commercial mower.


  1. The time put in to take care of your lawn. The lawn is to be enjoyed and is a place to chill with your family and friends. If you are spending more than an hour each week to maintain your lawn, you certainly have a lot of grass. If you have a sprawling lawn that goes on for acres, then the push-mower is ill-suited to your needs and you should shelf it for the better. A commercial mower will get the job done with more ease.
  2. Landscape troubles. If you have a hilly landscape or a tough terrain then again you should consider buying a commercial mower as it’s more efficient and you don’t have to put in as much physical energy as you would with the residential one.
  3. You don’t have the time and energy. Taking care of your lawn has become taxing and is not as simple as it was before. That’s a sign to make a change, instead of hiring a lawn care service you can choose to independent and invest in a good commercial-grade lawn mower. Riding mowers are extremely safe and even make the job more fun.

Here’s a list of some of the best zero turn commercial mowers:

  • The Ariens EZ Rider Series:- This bad boy from Husqvarna packs a punch in terms of design and performance. Its four-wheel design ensures smooth operation over level or bumpy ground. It tested as the loudest mower but it’s still quiet compared to other commercial mowers and was declared the easiest lawnmower to use.


  • The CUB-CADET Zero Turn Rider 365L:- This machine is a beast in terms of power and deck size. AS expected, it comes with a heavy price of 6299$. Honestly, an average homeowner may not even need such an aggressive machine, the company even offers models that are priced at 2000$ lesser than this one. However, this model is the only one to sport the safety PTO-disengagement while reversing the mower.
  • The Sears Craftsman EZT Lawnmower:- This machine is the only one to have a single-cylinder engine of the lot but still packs in considerable power. It is very similar to the Ariens (both made by Ariens) as in both have levers that can be tilted to the side, allowing easier access to the machine. Some of its controls are awkward for example the parking brake – you need to lean forward and pull a knob and push the bar attached to the knob into a slot, otherwise it’s a very simple machine to operate.

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