Everyone wishes to believe in a little magic. There are so many instances where it has been proven that real magic does exist and that; the people have witnessed these incidents assure its existence. There are many people in the world who claim that they can perform different types of magic. It is said that one who believes in god has to believe in evil, similar to which one who believes in magic should also know that magic has two sides to it, good magic and dark magic. Good magic is traditionally referred to as white magic and dark magic is referred to as black magic which is generally referred as the use of supernatural powers or magic spells for selfish purposes and evil.

Black magic – one amongst the strongest and powerful spiritual forces of the universe has become one amongst the foremost reliable and reassuring source of the answer to all the individuals on the planet. Gone are those days when individuals would go away at the mention of the dark arts and would differentiate black magic. In today’s generation, black magic has become a very common phenomenon and quite an interesting field.



The black magic spells are done by people who have years of practice and there is no rational explanation for such things to actually be successful. Black magic varies in a different manner for different religions. Thousands of years ago black magic was considered as a sin. In general, magic is a very powerful thing but black magic is even more powerful and effective. Black magic involves every aspect of our life like love, health, fortune and also death. Let’s see how some of these spells affect the caster as well as the victim.

  • Hurt Spell:

These spells are believed to cause harm to the health and when you deal with health it is about life and death. It is said that these are very powerful spells and cannot be reversed once cast.

  • Resurrection Spell:

These spells are believed to bring back dead people and animal back to life. These are not successful more often.

  • Misfortune Spell:

These spells are said to be used on to people to cause back luck. The bad luck is cast on an object and given to them and as long as they have the object the bad luck stays.

  • Nightmare Spell:

It is said that the main purpose of these spells is to give someone a bad night’s sleep. These spells cannot be reversed once cast.

  • Death Spell:

This is considered to be as the most dangerous spell. This is said to cause the body to get ill and die.


Apart from these black magic spells, there is one different kind of black magic which is called Voodoo. In Voodoo black magic, a doll is designed which includes any small sample of the victim such as a hair strand. When pricked by a pin on the doll that pain is felt by the victim who is very dangerous. Voodoo is one of the most powerful black magic spells which can hurt and make the victims miserable with excruciating pain.


There exist many books which have been written by people who have experienced black magic and also by people who have done great research and studied the origin and progress of black magic in today’s world. These books might help you to gain better knowledge and understanding of this complex subject.

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