The Cameron Highlands is one breathtaking district in Malaysia that is basically, a beautiful hill station. The total area that this hill station covers is 712 square kilometers or 275 square miles. Meaning to say, this breathtaking place is wide enough and more than ready to accommodate thousands of local and foreign tourists every single day. This area is a remote one and it is thousands of feet above sea level. Because of this, it might be a little difficult to reach this magnificent place. The big question now is, how can you reach this place? Well, many prefer riding a bus to Cameron Highlands than any other vehicles.

Do you know why there are many local and foreign tourists who prefer riding a bus when going to the Cameron Highlands? It is simply because they can have a closer look to the amazing sceneries that they can pass by, not to mention the fact that buses can accommodate many people when compared to others. But apart from buses, here are some ways that you can take when going to Cameron Highlands: p5177618


One very popular way of going to Cameron Highlands is through self-drive. This is the best option that you can have if you have your own car, if you are just a local tourist. It is simply because driving on your own will require proper knowledge about the route. And if you are not from Malaysia, the route going to Cameron Highlands is definitely a new thing for you. Hence, if you are a foreign tourist, it is not good to have this way of transportation. But if you are already well-acquainted this route because you have been here many times, then why not go for a self-drive?cameron-highlands-6

Riding in Local Taxis

If you are going to Cameron Highlands alone or with a friend, then taking a bus is not a good option for you. The best one for you to do is to ride in local taxis. It is more convenient on your part, especially if you do not love the idea of bumping into a number of tourists that can be experienced when riding a bus. If you are a foreign tourist, it is best for you to hire a taxi the moment you arrive in the city of Ipoh or in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Local taxis will bring you to Cameron Highlands with the right price, of course.

Taking a Flight

Since Cameron Highlands is a hill station, it is no longer surprising why it has no airport. However, it has the nearest airport of Ipoh City. If you came from the other cities in Malaysia, then you can just fly to the Ipoh City and take any transportation from there going to Cameron Highlands. For foreign tourists, there is a flight from Ipoh City to Singapore and from Singapore to Ipoh City. It happens 4 times every week. Hence, if you are from Singapore, it would be very advantageous on your part.

If you think riding a bus to Cameron Highlandsis not a good idea, then why not have a self-drive, ride on local taxis, or take a flight to the nearest airport in Cameron Highlands.

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