You are dead bored with your friends and you are wondering which card game to play. You ask around and you find that most of your pals only know how to play hearts and spades. You are wondering which way to unwind the idle time. Read more here on how to be creative and come up with various card games for all to enjoy. There are various card games which you can play with your friends, learn and laugh together. Though they are long, they are by no means grueling rather they are fun games which have an emphasis on intuitive evaluation and quick thinking. And most of them have one or more unique features.

If your interest is just a card game and you do not want to read more here, then here is what you should briefly know. Games are divided into three types which include fun games, which are fun to play and agood time and they do not require deep thought or strategy. Another category of veteran games which are meant for inveterate card players ; they involve a lot of counting and knowing how suits typically split and which have significant card play components. Other games are simply unorthodox, they are not frivolous yet they don’t have the advantage of veteran games , they are normally referred to as abstract games.


Examples of fun card games include Spielen and Creights. Veteran games examples include Oh Hell and Barbu 99. Examples of abstract card games include Canadian fish and Psychological Jujitsu. Poker is a mix of all the three game types, while Napoleon falls somewhere between a veteran game and a fun game. Most of the card game in the market fall between an abstract game and a fun game.

Let us  read more here about some of the terminology used in card games

Deck of Card :


This is a term used to refer to a standard deck which can hold 52 cards. The 52 includes four suits of spades, hearts, diamonds and club; and thirteen ranks which include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Jack, queen,King , and an ace. Each deck contains one card for each suit rank combination. Face cards are the Jack, Queen and the King  as they normally have pictures of people. The number cards are normally referred to as spot cards. The card value is as stated, though the ace is sometimes placed on lower rather than higher. The Jack, Queens, and kings are normally given the values of  11, 12,13  respectively.

In most games, all suits are created same, so it is important to discuss as a group how you are going to treat the suits before you start playing the game to avoid contradictions. Card games when learnt, are the best way of passing out time with friends. They are fun. Whatever card game you want to learn, read more here and get answers to your questions.

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