The New Honda Civic Si 2017

Looking for a car for daily commutation to work. Keeping ht varied interests and needs of all the customers and prospective buyers in the mind, the car manufacturing company Honda has come up with a new model of their old popular and people’s favorite the Honda Civic which took over the market by storm at its release. To delve more into the 2017 Honda Civic Si’s specifications they have indulged a lot in improving the interior decors, improved the excellence of the seats and the low ground clearance along with many of the other factors. So here off we go!

new 2018 suzuki jimny release date, specs and price | cars coming out - Car Release 2017

new 2018 suzuki jimny release date, specs and price | cars coming out – Car Release 2017

The name suggests the obvious. This car is a great handy companion that would help you on long week trips across the places. Honda Civic Si has caught the attention of many and the 2016 model has always remained one of my personal favorites. It’s huge and has a formidable look and comes with a versatility of all versions to cater to different types of customers. Most fortunately, the Honda Civic Si comes quite handy and the replaceable by-parts are effortless to search and buy. When it gets down to rough terrains and rugged roadsides, these models of Honda are always hailed as the king. 2018-BMW-X1-release-date-price-570x350

The full shining boy finish is gorgeous and is very easy to catch the attention. While being comparatively affordable, the gas in the beauty is a complete different story altogether, as they have a formidable engine compared to the other cars in this price range. This car is a common name in the work place and daily commutation .Think of good mileage, easy handling, sharp braking system, airbags, alloy wheels- this one car has them all from A to Z.

We hope you found the above information helpful. We wish you good luck on your journey to venture more about the new Honda Civic Si 2017! For more, keep reading!


What Are The Benefits Of Having Car Covers

Cars are considered to be the most expensive investment in lifetime. This is because most of the people get one on loan while others invest all their savings to buy the dream car. So, considering all these factors it is necessary for the car owners to protect their investment to enjoy luxury ride on the car for years to come. There are many non-accidental related elements that can ruin the look and appearance of the car like corrosion, scratches, bird drippings, acid rain, excess dirt, tree sap and other factors. Being the proud owner of the car, it is necessary to buy protective car cover to keep your valuable investment protected and safe from all these non-accidental related elements.


Benefits of Car Covers

Well, as a responsible car owner you would never prefer to have any dents or other scars on your car. Therefore, it is necessary to make a small investment and buy Car Covers to keep your investment safe and protected always. The good quality car covers are designed with superior materials that ensure your car never experience any damages and scratches due to environmental abuses.


There are many natural forces that can cause damages to your car like sunlight, snow, hailstorms, acid rain and more. These natural elements can corrode or eat away the paint of your car and even make marks on the exterior of the car. So, it is advisable for you to invest in car covers to prevent your car from all the possible damages offered by these natural forces. It will not only prevent these natural forces from damaging your car, but also help you save money on re-painting and repairing which you would spend after your car is damaged. These are some of the benefits of buying car covers


4 Reasons To Get A Car Cover

Want your car to look like just out of showroom even after few years? Buy a car cover. This is a wise decision which will protect one of your biggest purchase, your car. Even a car which is parked inside a garage will get covered with dust. There are various damages that a cover protects your car from.

  1. Dirt and Dust particles

A car covered with dust doesn’t looks good and if you leave it covered with dust and dirt particles long enough than it can cause serious damage to your car.


  1. Ultraviolet Rays

The UV rays from sun can cause the paint on your car to become dull or fade. This will add unnecessary expenses in the form of paint jobs in the future.

  1. Scratches and Dents

A car cover protects your car from scratches as it prevents anything from rubbing against the body of the car. It also absorbs a low power blow to the car which would have resulted in a dent otherwise.

  1. Environmental Damages

A cover protects your car from rain, freezing snow and any other natural hazard. Your cars areas on being exposed to rain can lead to corrosion.


A cover is also a deterrent for the thieves. It makes it very hard for the thief to recognise the type of car that is covered. It also adds a extra step for them as they will have to remove the cover first to be able to break into the car. These reasons make the thief think twice before trying to steal a car with cover. Nowadays there are also covers available with anti-theft functions in them.

If you are not satisfied with the type of covers available currently for your car model in the market then you can also make a custom car cover. There are many advantages of a custom cover. It covers all the areas of a car with precision as it’s specifically made for your car. With a custom cover you also get the option to chose the quality and materials to be used for the cover of your car.


If you are going to need a cover for indoor use than a cotton and polyester cover material is the best choice as they can be easily washed and are perfect for indoor use. If you are looking for a cover material for outside use then a breathable or water resistant cover will be best suited. It repels the water but lets the air to flow through it to prevent condensation. These materials also have UV screens in them which protects the car from the sun.

Overall a car cover is going to be the best choice you are going to make for your car. The number of advantages of a car cover are very high. Car covers keep the value of your car high and you wouldn’t have any problem selling it at higher price even after few years of driving it. Car covers are affordable, reliable and will last longer.