IMEI in Locating Your iPhone

Experiencing a stolen phone is a nightmare come true, especially if you think about the fact that people invest good money into their mobile phones. But unlike before, there are new ways to help owners locate their phones no matter where it might be. In case you become the owner with the lost or stolen phone, you might wonder ‘how do I find my iPhone by IMEI?’ Well, IMEI is one of the most efficient ways to retrieve your iPhone. But keep in mind though, this is not a fool proof plan, there are still cases where the thief finds a way around the security. iphone_carrier_check0

Locating Your IMEI

Every phone has a unique registration number and we call it the localizar iphone por imei would contain twice IMEI digits; the IMEI number on a phone is entirely different from the IMSI numbers, this is stored in the sim card. The IMEI card is located on the phone itself, but in case you did not have the chance to copy it, the IMEI number is stated on the phone’s box. Let’s say that you did not retain any copy, you can have the following options:iphone-imei-code-about


  1. Visit iTunes help on an external computer.
  2. Choose the ‘preferences’ option and select ‘devices’.
  3. Click iPhone backup among the options, when the process is successful you should be able to view your IMEI number as well as other information about your phone.

AT&T Account

  1. Log in to your AT&T account and select ‘My Profile’
  2. Click the ‘Update my Profile’ option and select the user information.
  3. Select the customer service support.
  4. A message stating ‘Wireless Customer Agreement’ should appear. Click on the message, it will trigger an automatic download of a PDF. In the PDF all your phone information including your IMEI is displayed.

A Professional Drone Racer

Becoming a drone racer is something that you might want to try, if this is the first time that you’d heard of drone racing then we’ll give a brief introduction. FVP (first-person view) drone racing is a motorsport where drone racers participate by controlling drones that contain cameras. A drone racer will wear a head-mouthed display that shows the live stream camera feed from the drone itself; what the drone sees, you see in real time. The goal would typically involve the completion of a course as fast as possible. Drone racing is hosted in numerous major cities, but it recently started in 2014 at Australia.

ARRIS X-Speed 250B 250mm Quadcopter Racer


The ARRIS X-Speed Quadcopter is a racing drone that’s designed for extreme speeds, this is entirely different from UVA drones like the DJI; these on the other hand offers incredible stable flying. Racers that love extreme flight stability might not want to go for this drone even with GPS. Openpilot flight controllers might still not offer the kind of stability that you would have liked. But this is ideal for extreme speeds, there is stability but not so much compared to other models. The complete package includes the following:

  • 4 ARRIS Swift 2-A ESC
  • 4 ARRIS 2205 2300KV Brushless Motor (2CW + 2CCW)
  • 4 ARRIS 5045 3 blade propeller
  • 1 ARRIS X Speed 250B Frame

  • 1 5.8G 200mw 32CH FPV TX
  • 1 RadioLink AT9 9 CH radio receiver
  • 1 F3 Flight controller (6DOF Version)
  • 1 700TVL Camera

On an additional note, they highly recommend that drone racers shouldn’t upgrade any of the firmware in the flight controller. But if you want to upgrade it, then seek the guidance of an expert flyer and reset the given parameter based on the manual.


Everything To Know About The Wireless Router

When it comes to the wireless router then it is device which is helpful to perform the function of wireless access point. Fortunately it is helpful for providing internet connections but it is not only providing internet access but it is also helpful to plenty of things. When it comes to the features of this device then it is designed with the advanced technology. It is offering wireless security and it is the most important thing. If you are looking to buy the best routers 2017 then you have to consider some factor because some device is not safe for use.Best Routers 2017

What are the benefits of buying wireless router?

In case you are thinking wireless router is only helpful for connecting internet then it is absolutely wrong because it is providing numerous numbers of benefits. When it comes to the benefits of buying this wireless router then it is listed below such as

  • Filtering by the MAC address
  • Port forwarding
  • Security encryption
  • WIFI multimedia
  • High quality of service

So above are the benefits of buying this device and it is comes with the affordable price so anyone can buy this router. In case you are looking to buy the best routers 2017 then you have to consider some features. First and foremost people have to check the features and international standards of this device. If you are looking to get uninterrupted internet supply then you have to buy branded wireless router. Most of the standard routers are supporting international standard format. If you are using this router for multipurpose then you have to buy the best one because it is only offering high definition streaming quality media content. When it comes to the security of router then people can use the WPA2 which is really helpful for providing private proxy protection. Mostly all routers are designed with the security features and some routers are designed with the advanced firewall and SSID broadcast control. So while buying this router you had to check Ethernet port like it is rated with the gigabit. The next thing you have to consider whether your router is supporting WPA2 encryption. So this thing people have to consider while buying the wireless router.Best Routers 2017

How to choose the best wireless router

If you are looking to buy the best router then you have to consider some factor and you have to buy only branded router because it only providing benefits. The most important thing people have to consider whether the router is having DLNA certification and this kind of certificates are using to know about hardware and software standards. In case you are not comfortable with installing the new firmware then you can use the DD-WRT support. Basically it is the open source firmware which is helpful to provide vast numbers of benefits. Most of the branded routers are supporting IPV6 so people no need to worry about ip version. So try to choose the best site for buying branded and advanced wireless router.


Get The Best Snap Chat Hack Today

Trusting your partner is one of the most important things that you need in order to maintain a healthy relationship. However, there are times when you can’t help but doubt your partner and wonder whether or not he or she is cheating on you. Technology has advanced so fast and the numbers of chat apps available on various platforms are crazy. Although not all chat apps are as popular as a few of them, there are some chat apps that are used particularly to flirt and cheat on spouses and partners. A recent survey revealed that most partners who were cheating used snap chat to communicate with multiple lovers at a time. If you are worried that your partner is spending too much time on snap chat then you need to try out the latest snap chat hack that will help you to learn everything you need to know about the person you might want to spend your life with. While there are a number of hacks that you can use, is one of the most efficient.snap-hackOne of the best things about this hack is that it is an online hack. This means you do not need to get your partners phone and install any software into it. People who cheat usually do not like anyone touching their phones because most of their secrets are on the phone. This hack is very easy to use and you do not need to know programming or hacking in order to use it.

Snap chat is one of the few social media sites that have a privacy function. This function allows users to privately share pictures and videos with people over snap chat. These people may be their friend or may be complete strangers. One thing that you should be aware of is the dangers you are inviting in your house. When you show someone the picture of the inside of your house you are giving them an idea of what is in the house and how valuable it is. This could tempt a stranger into breaking into your house and rob it and possibly harm you as well.snap-hackIf you think that you child is doing something wrong or could start doing something wrong you should hack into their snap chat account. You will know exactly what your child is doing and what is being shared with friends and stranger. With snap chat’s privacy feature only the user and the intended recipient can see the private pictures and videos. However when you hack into their account you become the user. This means that you will be able to see all the private pictures and videos. You will also be able to see the names of the people it went to and the number of people it went to. You can stop your child from continuing to do something wrong and you can also contact the people who are encouraging your child to send such pictures and videos.


Don’t Worry About Your Lost Mobile

There are a number of occasions where you might feel the need to track a mobile or just figure out the location of your mobile that you might have left behind while traveling. While there are a number of apps that you can download in order to help you figure out the location of your mobile, it is very essential to have an app that you can access online too. The reason Master Locate is so handy is because it comes with a phone number lookup feature that enables you to track the location of your mobile device in case you lose it. This app also comes with a number of other features which helps you to spy on other people’s devices without letting them know.


In case you are in doubt about your relationship and you suspect your partner is cheating on you, this app can help you get all the details you need in order to clear the air about your relationship status. Not only does it help you to track the location of your partner via the mobile device, you can also get detailed updates on their complete cal logs even if they choose to delete it. You can also get all the messages and Whatsapp chat logs which have been deleted. The app is very easy to use and all you need to do is enter the mobile number and you’re set to go. This app is legal and safe to use, however you should only use it when needed and not take advantage of it by invading people’s privacy.

One of the worst things that could happen to you is someone jeopardizing your business. When you trust someone completely and they spill the secrets to one of your competitors your business will come apart in no time. While it may not be easy to keep track of all your employees one of the best things to do is get the master locate app on your phone. With the master locate app you can keep an eye on just about anyone. All you need to do is enter their phone number a few basic details and everything will pop up on your screen.


You will be able to view their call logs, their messages, their browsing history and you can even see their private chats through any of the messengers. While it would be difficult to track this for every employee all the time you can set certain keywords or certain area codes into the app. As soon as a similar word is typed in any of the messages or if your employee receives a call or message from that particular area code you will get an alert.

With the master locate app you can now stay in complete control of your business and your personal life. You will not have to constantly look over your shoulder as the master locate app will be looking after you and your interests.


MC Servers For You

Minecraft is not doubt one of the most famous games out there, it has also received a ton of awards. The most famous of these are the five awards they earned during the Game Developers Conference during 2011. Aside from that, it also won the Best Debut Game Awards, Innovation Award and Best Downloadable Award from the Game Developers Choice Awards. It also bagged the Audience Award and Seumas McNally Grand Prize from the Independent Games Award. So it’s no wonder that you want to look for new MC Servers to spice up your Minecraft game.


As you might have already noticed, there are already tons of MC Servers available out there but not all of them are that great. We suggest that you go look for top lists of MC servers, the best ones are not always found on the list of a single website. It’s better if you have a look around, try a website like

MC Servers

From the mentioned website above, we found the following Mincecraft Servers that you’ll certainly enjoy:

  • JDSky – with n uptime of 93.1%, JDSky is preferred by numerous other players out there. It’s a fairly new game that contains many mini games like kitpvp and even Skywars, there’s also the option for creative mode which features plots and build competitions. It features an automatic rank system based on your voting.


  • Endless Night – the main tags of this server includes Adventure, Survival, Mini Games, Role Play and Factions. Endless Nights offers free build in their player build and if in case you encounter any problems you can contact their staff. The Endless Night server is mostly made up of friendly players and staff. In case you’re wondering why it’s called Endless Night, well here the sun never comes up.

Phone Spying Software

Is your wife or husband cheating on you? Do you wish to spy on them? Well, if it is so then you can do a check on your partner through any of the Phone spying software as today there are many softwares available in the market that track the complete call details, messages from all the social networking sites and many other relevant information that will be of greater help to you. Phone spying software is mobile application that you can install on your phone to track any activity on the phone device.  In other words, mobile spy software is a tool that is used for monitoring the activities of the person’s mobile device.These softwares are designed for all the android devices, iPhones, and other mobile phones. This software serves various benefits to the users which are mentioned below:


Few important benefits:

As read above the spy software is an application that is used to track and record the details of the other person. This software is best suited to protect children from indulging into bad activities. Suppose, unfortunately someday you got to know that your child is into some bad deeds and is doing wrong. In that case you can cross check your child’s activity simply by installing this software in a mobile phone.


Once you install this software in your child’s phone you will be able to track his calls, messages, chats and other information from this software. In this way this software will turn out to be beneficial to you. Not only children, but any person who misleads you or does something wrong to you then you can monitor and track everything about them without even telling them. They will never come to know that someone is following them through a mobile application.


Get Mspy Today And Never Worry About Being Back Stabbed

Keeping track of people is not as easy as it was in the early days. While sending out information earlier required a lot of effort, it can now be done using a mobile phone. While technology has its advantages, it also has a number of drawbacks. It becomes a lot more difficult to blindly trust a person and if you are running a business, you always need to be on the watch out for employees who can turn against you and leak out all the vital information about the company to competitors. If you want to safeguard the information of your organization, investing in the mspy app is one of the smartest things to do.

This is a very convenient app that you can download on your phone and begin to use. All you need to do is install the app on the phone of the person you wish to keep track on and the app does the rest. Since this is a non traceable app, your employee will never know they are being watched and in case they choose to do something that is unethical, it becomes easy to catch them. You can get detailed records of their calls, messages as well as emails. This app also helps you to track down their location which enables you to see whether or not they are lying to you. If the fraud is too large to ignore, this information can also be used as evidence in case you choose to press charges.


One of the biggest fears today is being back stabbed by a loved one. There are a number of ways that this can be done in today’s world. There is always the matter about a family member duping you for money or your spouse cheating on your best friend. The possibilities are endless. However with the mspy app you can stay ahead of your family members and anticipate certain moves. Living in today’s world is more like a game of politics and chess. The moves need be proactive and without the mspy app it would be difficult to anticipate or to make any moves.

The mspy app helps you keep track of any of your family members or friends that you do not trust. This could even be your own spouse or your brother. There have been cases of people going bankrupt overnight because they trusted too much. With the mspy app you will stay safe rather than sorry. Another amazing part of the app is being able to track anyone’s call logs and message logs. This will give you an idea of the people involved in this conspiracy and how it could affect you in the long run.


You can never be too safe in today’s world. It is always in your best interest to keep an eye on everyone around you before you land up with nothing in hand. The mspy app enables you to do just that and the best part is the app is discreet.


Here’s Why Whatsapp Plus Is The Next Best Chatting App

Whatsapp is one of the leading chat apps that people all over the world use to communicate on a regular basis. The app is compactable with all android, iOS and Windows mobile phones and ever since Whatsapp launched, people have gotten addicted to it. While Whatsapp has been one of the most convenient ways to communicate with others, Whatsapp PLUS is something that will soon take over the market. If you haven’t already got the WhatsApp Plus Messenger Download, it’s time to get into the app store and download the refined version of Whatsapp today.

This app is a lot more fun to use in comparison to Whatsapp and it comes with more customization options as well as privacy settings. The emoticons here are a lot better too and you can now pick from a large list of emoticons that you didn’t have access to on Whatsapp. Technology is constantly advancing and people always prefer to use modern software that provides them with better features. This is exactly what Whatsapp PLUS has to offer and this is why it is all set to take on the market and become the best app to chat with your friends and family.



The brand new WhatsApp Plus Messenger has a number of amazing features that make it better than the standard WhatsApp Messenger. Some of the features are:

  • Emoticons: WhatsApp messenger is known for allowing people to express themselves through emoticons. These emoticons vary depending on the situation and there are different skin colors are well. The new WhatsApp plus Messenger offers many more emoticons and is said to be quite similar to the emoticons that are available on Google Hangouts.


  • Privacy: One of the biggest concerns with the WhatsApp messenger is the privacy of the chats. WhatsApp has come up with various features such as hiding last seen and so on. However one thing that WhatsApp could not hide is the online status. With the new WhatsApp plus Messenger users can also hide whether they are online or not. This means that no one will know when a user is online and when he is not. The new WhatsApp Plus Messenger also provides many privacy options that are not available on the WhatsApp messenger.

Only time will tell if the new WhatsApp plus messenger will become more popular than the ever popular WhatsApp messenger.


Explore The Untold Story About A High End Mechanical Keyboard!

The best mechanical keyboard ensures to deliver a world class typing experience. It makes typing fun and effective. A normal keyboard is made up of rubber switches which somehow lacks in its performance. If you are seeking out ways for fast typing then a mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for you.  It produces some solid results which makes it a popular choice among buyers. The high quality mechanical keyboards are designed in such a way that the user does not have to press the key down to for triggering any command.

Types of mechanical keyboards:

Talking of mechanical keyboards, different types of these include the following:


  • A clicky mechanical keyboard
  • A non clicky mechanical keyboard
  • Mac compatible mechanical keyboard
  • Wireless mechanical keyboard

How it is different from a conventional keyboard?

  • The high cost of a mechanical keyboard than a normal one, it is not very common in the market. Only some of the selective manufacturers keep produces these mechanical keyboards. It is very different from a typical keyboard that comes along with the personal computer.
  • A normal keyboard comes with the rubber dome keys which are very similar to the technology which is used in remote controls of a television. The rubber dome keyboard have a very short life span are get won out very quickly in comparison to a mechanical keyboard. These rubber keys give a mushy feeling which is sometimes disliked by various people.

Advantages of a mechanical keyboard:


Talking of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard, there are several points that add to the advantages of using a mechanical keyboard. Let us explore the of the benefits as follows,

  • The prime advantage of a mechanical keyboard is the feel it gives when the user touch the keys. The majority of people who switch from a normal rubber domed keyboards to the use of a mechanical keyboard like the look and feel of it.
  • The next benefit is the durability of a mechanical keyboard. Due to its stable platform and the rigid body, keyboard tends to efficiently for several years.
  • With the help of a mechanical keyboard, the user can quickly change the key transitions. As he doesn’t have to press hard on the key for typing, the transition from one letter to another becomes very easy and fast.

So, if you are planning to buy a PC, go with the option of a mechanical keyboard as it comes with so many perks.