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Coupons and discounts are not the only ways which you can save up on your online purchases. Sure, at Don’t Pay Full’s homepage you can have access to hundreds and thousands of coupon codes, but at the DontPayFull Forum you’ll be able to learn about techniques on how to spend less and save more; of course this is just one topic out of a dozen. In forums like these, not only will you be able to learn a thing or two but you can also share your knowledge and

Forum Posting Guidelines

If you’re planning on posting in the forums, replying or starting out a brand new thread you need to first create an account. Afterwards take note of the following before you start posting:

  1. Search out the most relevant forum category for the thread that you plan to start.
  2. Before starting your post, make use of the search function in the forum to check if the thread you want to start has already been posted.
  3. Step number 2 would also apply to questions that you want to ask.
  4. Refrain from posting CPA offers, they are highly misleading and have hidden terms.
  5. Also refrain from posting anything related to ‘For sale items’, Don’t Pay Full is dedicated to vouchers, promos and coupons; it’s not a website for classified ads.
  6. Don’t create posts that contain nothing except for a link, at least provide a brief summary.
  7. No cross posting, post your thread or reply under the appropriate forum.
  8. Links to competing websites are not allowed. They search for deals and coupons and not send members to competing websites just like how competing websites don’t send their members over.
  9. No inappropriate posts; harassment, bashing, racial slurs and anything you wouldn’t show your children or clergy.

How To Make An Efficient Shopping List?

Having a good shopping list at hand is a good thing in many ways. First of all, it saves time. Second, it will save your money from over shopping. Third, you will not be left confused and stranded at the large alley of a shopping mall.Grocery List.xlsx

So how I make one?

There are certain factors that you have to be ready with before heading out for shopping.

  1. Have an idea of what to buy: You should have a rough or basic idea of what to buy. Sticking bulletin boards or stickers in your fridge can help you to write down items as and when they are finished. Also make sure that you have therecipe at hand of the food that you will be making, so you only buy ingredients that are actually needed.
  1. Decide on your shopping trip frequencies: You might be buying items for your home for 3 days, or in some cases for a week. Decide how often you’ll be visiting the supermarket and make a list with quantity matching your trip frequency.
  1. Look for coupons and deals: Retail shops generally offer deals and discounts during festivals so arranging your trip according to that might help you to save money. Also when you shop to a threshold value at some stores they give out coupons and gift
  1. Make a rough draft: Make sure that you write down items according to the aisle arraignment. So you can go on selecting products as you walk down the store. Make sure that you leave a bit of gap at the bottom to add last minute items and thoughts.

5 Enter amount: Never make the mistake of not jotting down the quantity of an item that you want to buy.

With these tips, you can make your shopping experience quicker and pleasant.


Top Hoverboards In 2016

Some people refer to them as self-balancing scooters while others just call them Hoverboards. When they first emerged out, they were toys for rich kids and were only seen in movies and on the internet.  This brought about the hype, but due to the high price, most people couldn’t afford them. Hoverboard prices only targeted the rich and the affluent in the society. The resellers made it possible for the price to come down due to competition and with the high supply, the quality was compromised and some began exploding. This brought the hoverboard prices further down to make them affordable to all.hoverboard prices

Here are some of the top brands in 2016

Epikgo Hoverboards

It is a new model which is loaded with so many features which makes it  a bit safe and much fun. It is a UL2272 certified which means it has complied with all the safety regulations for the battery pack and the board.  Though the hoverboard price for this brand is high, but it is worth every dollar because it comes loaded with so many features. The wheels are 8 inches wide instead of the standard 6.5 inch. This makes the hoverboard to be a bit raised with the distance between in it and the ground larger. This will make you cross difficult terrains or small obstacles with ease. It costs between $699.99 and $999.99.

Segway miniPRO

It is an expensive toy which makes it be affordable to only a few people. It is one of the best-built hoverboards in the market with a great self-balancing. It has a small hole in the middle, which makes it easier to control and steer. It comes with a maximum speed of 10mph with each wheel powered by an individual motor that runs independently from the other which make it easy to steer without having to change the angle of the wheel. The steering is done by use of the pole installed in the middle instead of the foot pads like in other hoverboards. It costs  between $699.00 and $799.00.hoverboard prices

Swagtron T3

It has redesigned wheels which have prominent metal guards. It has plastic covers which go on top with an extension to protect the wheels from lateral collisions. It has LED headlights on the front which are wider, thus improving visibility. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Each of its wheels is paired with an independent electric motor. In order to create motion forward and backward,  there is a foot pad which works together with the motor. It has a maximum speed of 8mph and the battery lasts up to 12 miles, meaning, you will have 3 hours of usage before the battery goes off. It costs $449.00.

Swagtron T1

It is a UL2272 certified which means, it is safe for use. It has LED headlights which help in terms of visibility and make it much safer to ride even at night. The wheels are sturdy, made from solid rubber materials which do not wear off that easily.


Enjoy My Subway Card

Subway is one of the leading food chains all over the world. This is one of the few brands that people enjoy eating at on a regular basis mainly because apart from preparing quick and tasty sandwiches, subway also focuses on providing healthy food options which make it easy for people to pick on a daily basis. If you love eating at subway you need to ask them about their subway cards the next time you visit. These cards are reward cards that help you to get points each time you shop at subway. You can later use these points to get free items at subway. You can learn all about the card at  subway-business-card-eclectic-alabama

There are different kinds of cards that are available at Subway; however all of them are reward cards that you can use to redeem points.card_artwork_front

When you are enjoying regularly at subway it is only fair that subway rewards you for your loyalty. This is where the subway card plays a big part. Each time you eat at subway you accrue points on your subway card. There are a number of ways of checking the points balance on your subway card. You can ask the person at the subway counter to tell you the balance. They will swipe the card and let you know exactly how many points are collected. If you wish to redeem those points you can inform the cashier while making the payment that you wish to redeem your subway points. You can also check your points balance by checking the receipt that you receive after every purchase at subway. The points printed on this receipt will be updated with the latest purchase as well. You can also check the points balance online by registering the subway card on the official website.


Shave Test: One Way Of Getting The Best Quality Shaver

It cannot be denied that these days, you can find a lot of shaving devices in the market wherever part of the world you are. These shaving devices are made by different manufacturers, and they differ in various things like their key features. With the great numbers of shavers, it is already expected that you will have a hard time finding the finest one. In order to help you, one thing that you can do is to consider a rasierer test. Yes, you will literally test the shavers of your choice. By testing them, you can already tell that you are having a good choice or not. Even so, you have to make sure that you are allowed to test the shaver, so that you will not face any problem with the seller of the shaving device.

But if the shaver is not allowed to be tested, there is still no need to worry since you can definitely find the best shaver that you can use. How can you find it then? Well, here are some of the important things that you can do:

Search the Internet


One best thing that you can do in order to find the best shaving device without testing it is to search the internet. Almost everything that you want to buy these days are already available on the web, and this does not exempt the best quality shaving devices. What you need to do is key in the keyword of your search on your preferred search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. After that, you will surely be surprised with the great numbers of excellent shavers that will be displayed right there on your computer screen. Since there are so many of them, you can narrow down your choices into 5 prospects. You should then make further researches about each one of these shavers, until you find the finest one.

Ask Some Men


Another great thing that you can do in order to find the best shaving device is to ask some people you know, especially those men who have been shaving those excess hairs on their body. For sure, these people have already tried using an excellent shaver that really satisfies them. They might recommend it to you, and it will be very advantageous on your part since you will no longer need to test the shaver for several times. It is because you already know that the shaver is worthy for your trust and money, based on the recommendation of the people whom you know.


Questions Asked By Buyers Of LED Shoes In Mexico

LED shoes have become the rage in Mexico, and why shouldn’t they be, they are easily available, cheap and your personality can be transformed when you wear them. Get a pair for yourself and check how your look impacts on others. Millions of Mexicans have already bought LED shoes which are also referred to as Light UP Shoes and you will see them in concerts, with joggers, in parties, with runners, and even with those who overboard at night. Get tenis LED mexico and join the crowd.


Here are some of your questions about LED shoes answered for you

  • What LED shoe size should you buy?

When in Mexico, you have an option of the following sizes of the shoe 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5.

  • How Long The Charge of Your LED Shoe Will Last

If you have fully charged your shoes, they will last you up to nine hours on solid light mode, but if they are in the blinking mode, the time will be less than nine hours. So rest assured that your shoes will last you for an entire night out partying without disappointing. But if you want to have them lit for over 9 hours, the best is to have more than one pair.images_qtbn_and9gcsgopq8pone2rls3tndpstuj0l4vgwt9rafzhufoluqry0terb3

  • How To Charge Your LED Shoes

You will find a charging wire which is normally placed inside the shoe near the first eyelet on the left part of the shoe. In order to provide the USB charging extension cable, you have to connect the wire and the charging will start automatically.

  • How to switch off the light, change the lighting mode and color

LED shoes come with a switch which is normally located at the hem of the shoes near the first shoelace eyelet on the inner side of the shoe. You will get it next to where the USB port is located. If you feel that area, you will find a round spot, that is the switch. The first press will switch it on, the second press will change the color, consecutive presses will keep on changing the colors up to the sixth press. On the seventh press, the color blink mode will change from solid to a blink mode. On the ninth press, the light will go off and if you want it on, you press and repeat the procedure to your desired color and lighting

Go ahead and purchase your LED shoes in Mexico.


Get Discounts On Cyber Monday

There are a number of reasons Cyber Monday is very popular all over the world. While people in different countries look forward to this day, it is the people in UK that are most excited about the deals on offer during Cyber Monday. IF you are keen on checking out the discounts on Cyber Monday in UK, you need to have the apps for the main shopping websites installed on your Smartphone. While you can check the deals online, it’s more convenient to do so on your Smartphone.


There are a number of benefits that you get when you shop online. To begin with, you do not need to stand in long lines waiting to enter the store. You can also check out more products in lesser amount of time. You can also shop in a more convenient manner without any disruptions. The best part about Cyber Monday is that you can compare products before you buy them.


Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to save money like never before. There are people who wait eagerly for this day and do not spend throughout the year. Cyber Monday is known for the best deals on some of the biggest fashion and electronics brands. There are other deals as well that are available online however they are not as lucrative as some of the bigger deals. Some of the biggest deals are on clothes and accessories from some of the biggest brands in the market. You can get an amazing leather jacket and matching leather shoes at less than half the price on cyber Monday. Even if you bargain to the best of your ability on any other day you will not get such a deal. Cyber Monday has made the lives of many people and will continue doing so in future as well.


Looking For The Perfect Gift This Christmas?

The festive season is just around the corner and if you haven’t already started to plan for gifts that to give out on Christmas; it’s time to start doing that soon. Although there are a number of things that you can get for the people you love, you might not always end up getting them what they want or something they like. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to please everyone with the gifts you get them. If you’re looking for an alternative or a way to ensure you manage to bring a smile to the face of all your loved ones, you need to consider doing something special this Christmas. The trend for Personalised Santa sacks is becoming very popular and if you’re wondering why these sacks make the perfect gift for Christmas, read on.


Personalised gifts always stand out and no matter what you get someone, as long as it has their name and a special message to go along with it, this gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. The fact that you personalized a gift means you put a lot of thought into it and this makes people feel special. The best part about getting Personalised Santa sacks is that even if you’re on a budget and you can’t spend too much money, you can add something small inside the sack and still have the best gift in the room. These sacks can be used each year on Christmas and it will bring back fond memories of you.


If you are the kind of person who loves seeing everyone smile then getting a personalized gift for Christmas is perfect. There are many advantages of getting a personalized gift. One of the biggest advantages is that you save a lot of time. When you go shopping for someone you can spend hours trying to select something that they would like. Then you need to think of sizes and colors in regards to that gift. With personalized gifts you can get these customized from the comfort of your home or office. There is no need to spend hours out shopping and getting frustrated.


Another advantage of personalised gifts is that it makes the opposite person feel like you care and you have put thought into the gift. There are very few things that can go wrong with a personal gift item that is unique. The fact that there is no other gift similar to the one that the person got makes it even more special. With a personalised gift you need not worry about spending too much or too little. Once the person sees the gift the price tag would not matter. Even a simple t-shirt with your child’s picture printed on it would be special to your wife. She would never ask how much you spent on the gift. With personalised gifts Christmas would become even more special and a lot more cheerful.


Check Out The Best Resources To Buy Chloe Handbags!

Would you like to buy an impressive and catchy designer handbag? Have you considered the option of Chloe Handbags? Would you like to know about the best sources to buy these handbags at best possible reduced prices? Just don’t worry if you have been dealing with these important as we have nice information to share in our article. We have been trying hard to figure ideal online sources which can offer you top-brand designer handbags like Chloe Handbags. Certainly, we have achieved some success and interested girls can easily click resources right now.


Fashion is not all about looking good but you need to make an overall strong style statement in front of others. You must feel comfortable and especially for girls, Chloe Handbags are simply best in the business. Handbags without any doubt have turned into a new and effective way of revealing latest fashion trends. When you observe carefully, you will come to know most of the girls like to own a wide range of handbags of different shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. Chloe is surely a top-rated brand in fashion world industry which manufactures high-quality handbags at affordable prices. If you have decided to purchase Chloe Handbags, you are heading in the right direction.

It is pretty easy indeed to understand the true importance of handbags but generally, girls are not able to decide the right source to buy them out. Although there are many retails shops, but still, it is nice to buy Chloe Handbags from a reliable and reputed online store. When you apply the online mode of purchasing, you are served with the best possibilities of enjoying discount offers. For sure, most of the discount offers are only valid for a short time but they will act as a wonderful opportunity to save money.


Buying awesome looking and comfortable Chloe Handbags is the demand of the hour if you want to reveal a nice sense of fashion in front of others. There is nothing like perfect handbag as the definition will vary from person to person. While buying Chloe Handbags, you need to consider your own demands and pay attention to aspects like outfit, occasion, budget and your own personality. When you click resources, you are directed to the best online source where you can buy range of handbags of top-notch quality and at reduced prices.

Is The M-Audio Av32 Good Enough?

Many of us are not happy with the quality of desktop speakers that we have. So we would like to upgrade from them so that we can enhance our music experience a bit more. It’s very tough to find a good speaker in the $100 range and even if we do then they don’t really live up to our expectations. We think that we have finally solved your problem by finding the perfect pair of speakers for you. The speakers that we are going to talk about categorize themselves as studio monitors but don’t expect so much just in $100 still trust me on the fact that they will definitely be an upgrade from your average desktop speakers. home-recording-studio

M-Audio AV32 Review

When you open the box you find a speaker that has an one inch textile tweeter and it looks like a more smooth version of the ones that are present on the JBL LSR305. The woofers are paper coated with something like butyl rubber coating on the borders and is covered with a foam cap to protect it from the dust. The company says that it is 3.5 inches in diameter but it definitely looks larger.

The only input points at the back are the two RCA points and they are internally powered. There is only a large flip on and off switch and other than that the device auto detects the sound. In the front there are two input points, both 1/8 inches, one for the headphones and one for a device.home-recording-studio1

It is mainly made of wood and has vinyl coating all over it.

The speakers sound great in the sides and the back but not much in the front. The sound is very clean but becomes bad when you introduce treble. The amp sounds pretty good to be honest but only till a controlled volume, it suffers once you reach 95dB.