Cookware is basically the different types of containers for preparing food, which are usually found in the kitchen. Cooking vessels such as frying pans and saucepans which are intended to be used on a stove are all the different types of cookware. The material of the cookware depends on the performance of the item, particularly relating to thermal conductivity and how much food remains stuck to the item when in use.


The type of cookware that is used on a cooktop radiant in nature can affect its performance. Medium or heavy weight cookware is recommended to use. Pans with flat bottoms are required for good cooking performance as the bottom of the pan needs to touch the glass completely for the best heat transfer. Almost all current brands which are sold these days have flat bottoms. There is a possibility of cracking the glass if non-flat bottomed pans are used.

Stainless steel is highly recommended to be used on radiant glass top stoves. In sandwich clad bottoms the stability and durability of stainless steel is combined with the heat distribution and conduction of aluminium or copper. Heavy weight aluminium cookware makes the process of heat conduction faster than other metals and cooks up the food evenly. It may be sometimes found that aluminium residues appear as scratches on the cooktop, but that can be easily removed by cleaning it properly. Pans with copper bottoms can also be used to cook food, but it should never be allowed to boil dry. If the copper pot is overheated it may leave residue on the cooktop that cannot be removed easily. Cookware of porcelain or enamel gives good performance only if they have thick and flat bottoms.


Porcelain cookware must not be boiled dry as it may melt and fuse to the surface. Glass or ceramic cookware is not recommended for usage. Glass is a poor conductor of heat; therefore, a longer cooking time is required and besides, glass may scratch the surface. Cast iron cookware is also advised not to use due to scratching of the surface and poor conductivity of heat. Carbon steel cookware can be used as long as the bottom is flat. Therefore, different cookware materials have their own characteristics. Choose your cookware wisely; ultimately it all comes down to the one you feel is the best cookware for glass top stoves and make your cooking faster and easier.

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