Gone are the days where people used to take a picture, give it to a shop and make it into a large photo frame. Nowadays, everything has become digital in this digital world. Trends have been changed. No longer people put nails on the walls and hang their big photo frames.

This digital era has paved way for the emergence of digital picture frame that can display the pictures without need of computers or printers. There are enormous features available in these digital frames and they can vary from size to size.

They can even be wall mounted or can be in the shape of a key-chain as well.


They can display pictures while few frames can play videos as well. The frames come with built-in speakers to play video files.

The photos are transferred to the digital frames either through Bluetooth or via USB connection. The frame has its own memory storage in which the pictures are stored.

Some of the digital photo frames have the facility to access social photo sharing sites as well.

All the images are shown in a slideshow motion and the user can customize these settings according to his requirements.

Several companies have started manufacturing digital photo frames and the top leaders include Philips, Sony, Merlin, Samsung, GiiNii, Nix Hu- Motion, Aluratek.


The frames are similar to a computer and contain similar components but they are placed in a simpler way since the frames need to perform very less number of tasks. It consists of CPU, Display, Memory, Modem, and Operating System.

This device is useful for people who are not able to buy any electronic device. But one thing you must have for sure is the Internet through which you can also download the pictures.

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