Clash Royale has become the people’s choice in the last few months only. I decided to do a small research on this game whether this game is really upto the mark or it has just got famous due to crowd following.

In the beginning

The game made me to just get involved in it. The game has very well designed platform, animations and its gameplay.. Everything just made me to like the game at very first instance. But I noticed one thing I had that same interest in this game for maximum 2-3 months, not more than that. There are still some features lacking in it , I only played whenever I had free chest in it.


In the start

I was very impressed with the craftwork, the slot system in the game but after shot period of time, I felt like something is still missing in the game. I don’t the game which had such a good craftwork, I was feeling like not to play this game. But I can still stay I may be personal choice.

In every battle

The gameplay was always different which made me fell in love with this game but still the overall pace for the battles remained the same which somewhat made me to feel like bored after making good hold on this game. The locking of silver chests and golden chests may also sometimes made me to feel like things getting repeated on itself in the game. Another thing I felt demotivating me was the collection of cards in the game. The collection of cards in the game was like a very long term goal for a player in the game. You can Download Clash Royale APK for Android online.



Even though I have mentioned some of the issues of the game from my own experience, but I assure you this game has that level that everyone should give it a try at least once, for some it may then get addicting too and for some it may result into a very good experience for a while.

The game is just so perfect to be played and has resulted into hit in the market and as well has got into the top games list of the year… But still there are some issues that need to be resolved then it will be like the yummiest cream layer applied on the yummiest cake ever…

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