The best mechanical keyboard ensures to deliver a world class typing experience. It makes typing fun and effective. A normal keyboard is made up of rubber switches which somehow lacks in its performance. If you are seeking out ways for fast typing then a mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for you.  It produces some solid results which makes it a popular choice among buyers. The high quality mechanical keyboards are designed in such a way that the user does not have to press the key down to for triggering any command.

Types of mechanical keyboards:

Talking of mechanical keyboards, different types of these include the following:


  • A clicky mechanical keyboard
  • A non clicky mechanical keyboard
  • Mac compatible mechanical keyboard
  • Wireless mechanical keyboard

How it is different from a conventional keyboard?

  • The high cost of a mechanical keyboard than a normal one, it is not very common in the market. Only some of the selective manufacturers keep produces these mechanical keyboards. It is very different from a typical keyboard that comes along with the personal computer.
  • A normal keyboard comes with the rubber dome keys which are very similar to the technology which is used in remote controls of a television. The rubber dome keyboard have a very short life span are get won out very quickly in comparison to a mechanical keyboard. These rubber keys give a mushy feeling which is sometimes disliked by various people.

Advantages of a mechanical keyboard:


Talking of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard, there are several points that add to the advantages of using a mechanical keyboard. Let us explore the of the benefits as follows,

  • The prime advantage of a mechanical keyboard is the feel it gives when the user touch the keys. The majority of people who switch from a normal rubber domed keyboards to the use of a mechanical keyboard like the look and feel of it.
  • The next benefit is the durability of a mechanical keyboard. Due to its stable platform and the rigid body, keyboard tends to efficiently for several years.
  • With the help of a mechanical keyboard, the user can quickly change the key transitions. As he doesn’t have to press hard on the key for typing, the transition from one letter to another becomes very easy and fast.

So, if you are planning to buy a PC, go with the option of a mechanical keyboard as it comes with so many perks.

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