Mutually hooked up with a person on Tinder the other day and to your dismay she now alleges you with rape charges?

You have been thinking all the while that you are happy at merely smiling to the girl next-door to find the police arresting you the following day on stalking and sexual exploitation charges?

These are some real weird situations of which we are not uninformed of. The world today is not that an easy place. You may be thrown behind the bars for a crime you might not even have heard of. But the issue is “How do you convince the law? Who is going to listen and bestow faith upon you?” when all evidences speak in favour of the complainant.

The very accusation of a crime however trivial it may be, is enough to bring disgrace to all hard earned reputation of yours. Let alone reputation, if properly not dealt to fight for the rightful justice, you might never be able find your way out of the accusations. You might not be that unfortunate but you are not an exception either. Scary, isn’t it?

False allegations of sex crimes, sexual exploitation, convictions for sexual assault can lead to acute consequences. Depending on the gravity of the alleged crime, imprisonment is a real possibility and for worse you may be registered for the crime which would certainly make you feel like a criminal even if you are not one.

Canada based sexual assault lawyer toronto , Sam Goldstein is that one person you would certainly want to approach when you wish to be rendered justice upon. Sam has ably defended prosecution for sexual assault related cases when he was Assistant Crown Attorney and has used his experience for successful trials. Sam has been flourishing in his field of expertise (law practice) by being an outstanding advocate for his clients. He is resolute, bold, witty and innovative. He is the first criminal lawyer of Canada to be qualified an expert in using social media to successfully defend his client against threatening charges. Sam knows his way around the criminal justice system, the myriad courthouses in the Toronto area; he understands exactly how the other side thinks.

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“You need a lawyer to give you his honest opinion and his best advice so that you understand your jeopardy, the legal process and your options,” he says. Every case is different and has its own associated facts and thus need to be dealt in its own way of defence. Sexual assaults being one of the grave allegations need a lot of pre-trial investigations and the advocate needs to be well informed of all possible defences. Sam’s experience has made him confident of his stands.

The next time you are in apprehension under such prosecution be it utter threats, criminal harassment or aggravated sexual assault, let Sam Goldstein help you out!

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