With the improvement in technology and people being able to access the internet via their smartphones and iPhones, online dating has gone a step ahead. It is now common knowledge that, people using these devices to visit websites like to seek and establish romantic relationships.

Long ago, people used to fear online dating. Nowadays, people have lost that stigma that used to be associated with dating online and the majority prefer dating online and see it as a good way of meeting partners. In 2005, most people had little exposure when it came to online dating, and they used to view it as a weird way of meeting. In today’s world, over a half of the public either have used, are using, or know someone who is using online dating websites like The strange attitude which was associated with online dating has progressed into a more positive one. Nowadays, it is culturally acceptable than it was some years back.



Most young people under age 25 are now using mobile apps to access dating websites. Those in their 50s and early 60s have not been left behind as they too join the bandwagon of dating. This has made the amount of active people on dating sites to increase from 10% in 2013 to 27% currently. The reason behind the increase is due to the usage of dating apps on mobile.

Out of the many people that do online dating, a third of them never actualized the dating from online to meet physically. 66% at least make an effort of having a physical meeting to their dates. This is a substantial increase as compared to the 43% in 2005.


It might surprise you but, according to, one out of five people who go an online dating site, have asked the help of a third party in creating their profile. This is to ensure that they come up with the best pattern that will sell them out. More women are prone to asking a friend to help as compared to men


Out of the many Americans who are in relationships or married, 5% of them confess to having met their better half on an online platform.  So, though most people are using the online dating apps on mobiles, most of them it seems,starts their relationships offline. 88%  of most Americans swear that they met their partners offline before they moved into keeping in touch online.

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