Impossible quiz game is now of the hit games which has been originally released in year 2007 on deviantArt and NewGrounds. The deviantArt version had been taken down due to the music associated with it. This is the main reason why Splapp-me-Do had reuploaded this on March of the same year. This time, it existed as the “Lite Version” and had the music removed.impossible quiz

What It is All About

This quiz game is played through answering questions. But these questions are not just simple ones. At most times, the players need to accomplish a task or answer a question. It will then be followed by 4 clickable options and one of these is the right one.

This game is so tricky because it may seem so easy and simple in the first glance. But, when you delve deeper into understanding the question, you will realize that you have to go beyond the basics and think outside the box. This is what Splapp always say, along with having a lot of amazing surprises on the way such as mazes or min-games. As the players progress into the next levels, they will need to bring out the best mental abilities to answer the questions and their logic.

The Game Rules

In Impossible Quiz Game, there are three simple rules that players need to follow. First is that they will be given 3 lives. One mistake means one loss. When wrong answers are made, this means that it is the end of the game. There are about 110 questions in one take and there are no checkpoints present in-between.impossible quizWhile playing the game, there may appear “Skips”, these are green Power-ups (arrow-shaped) that allow you skip some questions. One significant tip about this feature is that you should not use all of these skips. It is because they will be useful at the last portion of the quiz game. Furthermore, there are also bombs on some questions. Such bombs are like timers that range from one second up to eleven seconds. If you failed to answer the corresponding question just before the time has run out, then your game is over.

One thing that you need to consider all throughout this game is not to let your fingers stay close to the tab key. When it comes to flash files, this key may be used in highlighting clickable objects seen on the screen at any portion of this game.

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