Singapore is an Asian country known as the garden city or the lion city. Its tropical climate adds variety to the food basket with a wide range of hot and spicy mouth watering dishes. The country is a food crazy continent because of diverse population belonging to different origins that live in harmony within the country. The country’s population mainly comprises of Chinese (74%), Ethic Malay (13%), Indian (9%) and Eurasian (3%).

Numerous food blogs in Singapore encompass the multifarious cuisines in the country. The bloggers travels extensively to discover best food items in Singapore. Food blog Singapore is the place where the readers can virtually travel through the country’s best food locations and points to savor the scrumptious delicacies. Food blog Singapore brings to its readers the recipes of the famously known dishes. Not only this but it also gives review about food dining places in the town so the readers ensure that they choose the best location to dine at.

Food blog Singapore is the place for every foodie explorer to help know them find a suitable place according to their pocket allowances. Singapore has been ranked as the best street food city in the year 2013. Dishes ranges from $4 to $400 without any compromise on its quality.


Chicken Rice is known to be the national dish of the country. Every hawker and every restaurant will surely have this dish included in their menu. The dish comprises of chicken boiled in flavored sauce, served with rice. Other dishes included in the Singaporean cuisine are combination of tangy, spicy, sweet and sour. Chilly crab, fish head curry, hoppien prawn mee; prepared with stir fried noodles are few of the famous dishes from the country.

Fried carrot cake is must try dish of the country. Unlike its name it is a salty and crispy dish which has no carrot in it. Rather it is prepared with daikon radish and rice flour. Another not to miss food item is the famous Bak chor mee. The dish is made with egg noodles, topped with minced pork and sauce prepared with vinegar, chili sauce and soy sauce.

To know more about the famous mouth watering dishes of Singaporean cuisine follow food blog Singapore so that you do not miss any item in the foodie paradise. Following is the list of blogs by bloggers based in Singapore that will take you on a food frenzy trip.


  • I eat I shoot I post- It is a food winning blog by Dr. Leslie Tay. The blog covers topics like must try food items in Singapore, tourist resources that will guide the visitors looking for new food experience, list of famous hawkers that serve the best meal. He also mentions recipes for his readers so they can enjoy self made dishes. The blogs also has a food directory of foods ranging from American dishes to zichan.
  • Miss Tam It is a blog for delicious cuisine and local culture. The blog has a list ranging from famous street vendors, hawkers, to cafes and fine restaurants.
  • Camemberu- Blog by Catherine Ling
  • Seth Lui – It is a food and travel blog about Singapore.

Lady iron chef – A blog by brad Lau discusses higher end food available in Singapore.

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