If you have been thinking of the design of your bathroom, then the first advice one would give you is to be knowledgeable with the type of designs you can do. Just like any other part of the house, the bathroom’s concept and design is limitless and requires creativity and logic. Sort of like a puzzle piece, you are dealing with a small area where you need to fit all the necessary furniture such as counter tops, sinks, and even the toilet and shower! You will need to put in a lot of thought when designing your bathroom, especially when it comes to getting a shower, which would usually take up the most space of the room.

A Corner Shower is the best bet if you are looking to make your bathroom look spacious or to save up on space, as it only takes up a bit of the corner of your room. You will also be able to still shower properly and have a minimalistic and modern design with a corner shower installed in your bathroom. And it’s a much more cost-effective way to build your home, depending on the design you will get.


But there is more to the corner shower than just the shower itself. The shower door is something that should be considered as well. The two basic designs would be to choose between a frameless or framed corner shower door. Which one looks better? Here are a frameless corner shower door’s pros and cons:


  1. They look better than a framed glass door. There’s no doubt that a frameless glass door would make it have a minimalistic and modern feel to any bathroom.
  2. It’s much easier to clean without the frame and its corners needing to be cleaned as well. Plus, a framed door requires more cleaning and maintenance as it can collect rust from humidity and moisture.
  3. You have the option to open it any direction, either left or right, outer or inner.



  1. Since there is no frame to support the frameless glass door, that means it uses a thicker glass. That means it will be heavier and may take a bit of time and effort to transport it to your home.
  2. Because it is heavier than the usual framed glass door, that would mean it would be more difficult to install. It’s best to hire a professional than to do it yourself, unless you are well acquainted with construction.
  3. It is more expensive than a framed door. In fact, framed glass doors cost 40% less than a frameless one!

While there is no sure winner, as they each have their own pros and cons, it will all depend on your preference and style, as well as the budget you can allot for your corner shower’s door. You will be able to find a variety of designs to be inspired with online!

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