The Avaya telephone systems are rated the world’s number one when it comes to VoIP technology which in itself is a marvel of technology. Voice over internet protocol is a technology that converts the audio signals and converts them into digital signals that are further transmitted through the internet. They make the long distance calls over the internet a complete breeze. The internet connection becomes the mode of communication thus, eliminating the charges of the phone company. avaya_9670s_avaya_ip_office_digitcom_ca_business_phone_systems

With the use of VoIP technology on the Avaya IP phone systems, any business can save a lot of money since it helps to Link a number of sites very easily, slashes the cost of phone calls, helps in reducing the number of staff employed and aids in working from anywhere virtually.

Benefits of using Avaya IP Office:

  1. Seamless experience- The business is benefitted with a seamless experience when it comes to communication with the customers or the employees. Irrespective of the location, or devices used, a user can have an experience of telephone calls, messaging, conference calls thanks to flexible pattern of Avaya.
  2. Saves Investment- With Avaya phone systems you do not need any additional investment even if you are expanding your users at a single site or at multiple sites. The users can be as low as five and as high as 3000. The use of the system can also be spread across 150 locations.
  3. Promote Business- The form of communication is a major stepping stone for the success of any business. Use the Avaya IP office to streamline communication and promote your business.
  4. Support services- Make use of support services from Avaya to optimize the system uptime and thus, protect the investment you have made in the technology.
  5. Complete IP office solution- Not just the Avaya IP office, you can make use of the complete package of IP office solution in your business to have a seamless engagement in it.

Avaya IP and VoIP- the best combination:upload_4bca1b614bd2d

The Avaya phone systems have the best of technology, latest features and softwares that are very user friendly. So it makes a complete package when combined with the benefits of VoIP. The digital handsets do not leave us completely dependent on the data network for communication and are much more reliable than the VoIP handsets. Besides, they are also cheaper and help save money too.

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