Friv is a gaming site which is available for free with its huge collection of games which are easy to play. These games can be played by anyone from kids to aged person. To enter into the gaming world, there is no need to sign up. You can directly enter into the website. So lots of people are playing to check the games. These games are very colorful and additive games too. Friv games help to dissipate your time but in return it gives pleasure.

Friv games are designed in such a way, that the games are easy to play for the young people and one can explore with a variety of games. It has 700 free games on its site to play. It is classified into categories. The games are accessible from the main page itself. You get an arrow to choose where you can click on the tiny tiles of a grid. These games are created using the flash programming technology. It does not take much time to a load a game. It also requires Adobe flash player which has to be installed in your computer.  Friv games have a gaming network too. It has, friv2, friv3, friv4, friv5 to name a few. Here you can search your favorite game and play.


There are plenty of games where you can play and have more fun to pass your time. In, the gaming list is organized in a more fashioned way and it has also divided into categories where we can easily search the game and start playing. Friv games are free of cost and no need to download the game. All you need is the internet connection with a good speed. You can directly go to the main page and click a game and start playing games like pacman, super Mario, angry birds etc. these are the games which are mostly liked by the younger ones. There are games where a player can choose the games of his interest.

It could be puzzle games, hidden objects games, shooting games, side scrolling games etc. Friv games also offer educational games like cooking, numbers, quiz and map making are some of the educational games which are offered by friv games. There are games for first graders too. This is an educational game. It’s a verb relay race game where the game is completely based on numbers. Such game is called number sense.


This game is good for younger ones because it helps them to combine their whole body through action and it is also a group play which has a problem solving practice. There are other educational games for grade one which will enhance the power of learning into fun mode. Not only for first grade children, for every class there are some educational games which helps them to learn more on developing their skills in every angle.

There are games for children who are at the age of 8 yrs. For such children, the games help them to boost their skills in the field of money, time and percentage. These games can enhance their skills only through practice. It’s all about arithmetic and numbers which deals with relationships through numbers. These type of games help a child in knowing more about concepts of money, time and percentage. There are games where a child’s brain can be developed through fun games. Math magic for kids helps to develop the skills in a fun way. It teaches the tricks to help children to get a positive attitude about numbers. There are plenty of exercises available to develop such skills.

Thus, Friv games not only allows a child to enjoy his time but it also helps a child to learn more on his academics (in general) where it can boost up their skills and they may get a positive attitude through games.

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