The virtual world of Neopia is where Neopets can be raised and taken care of. Neopets are virtual pet animals that can be created or adopted by users who play at Every user can create his or her own pet and the only purpose of the game is to take care of these virtual pets. This includes feeding them and accessorizing them depending on your comfort level. To buy food and other things, you have to shop at the lands with the use of virtual currency that exists in Neopia called as Neopoints. Other than Neopets, other virtual creatures also exist with the Neopets.  670px-do-your-dailies-on-neopets-step-3

Neopoints and Neocash

You can earn this neopoints by playing games and by selling things that you own. You can also buy this currency with real-world money. On the other hand, you can also buy neocash which is premium cash that can be used to purchase at the NC Mall which sells exclusive things for your Neopets. Other than update of site content, content can also be contributed by the users to the website. The content that is submitted by the user is pre-screened and is also filtered automatically before being published. The website accepts various kinds of submissions.dailydare-2016-2

The world of Neopia

There are many lands present at Neopia and depending on the theme of the land, the aspects of the land varies. Updating the site is done by the staff of Neopets and users are also allowed to contribute content to the site. Neopets was created in 1999 by Adam Powell and Donna Williams. It has changed over the past years and has improved dramatically from where it initially started. The game targets the children between the age of 14 and 18. The game runs on its own calendar and time zone. If there are any changes made to the planet, these changes are released with interactive story lines.aid670678-728px-do-your-dailies-on-neopets-step-8-version-2

Neopets dailies is the place where users are allowed to play games and earn Neopoints. Neopets teaches the children some HTML tagging that is required to create a new website. Moreover, it also teaches them the art of earning and spending. The website also has an electronic newspaper that is called the Neopian times. Neopets is said to be suitable for children over the age of 13 and restricts anyone under it. At Neopets dailies you can also find many freebies that will come in handy.

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