Lipo Light has been one of the most popular weight loss machines that people use. It is highly beneficial and enables people to lose a lot of weight without putting in any efforts. As a start up business, investing in a Lipo light machine by KnockYourHealth is a great idea. While there are a number of ways that you can lose weight, this is one of the most beneficial ways to stay in shape without hassle. Non surgical liposuction is one of the best ways to lose weight and if you are wondering why investing in this business is a good idea; here are the benefits that Lipo Light has to offer.

To begin with a Lipo light machine is a non surgical machine and this makes it very easy for people to opt in for it. While people are usually skeptical about surgical weight loss procedures, this is simple and makes it easy for people to opt in for it.


The machine takes a couple of sessions in order to melt the fat completely and get a person a shape. This means your customers will keep coming back to you over and over again till they reach their target weight and measurement.

While liposuction is a painful procedure, this is a painless process that can be conducted 2 to 3 times a week depending on your body type. Your patients can also choose to target the areas they want to reduce the fat in. This helps you to customize packages based on the needs of your customer. It is very convenient, easy to use and makes your customers come back for more which results in return business.


This Lipo machine is one of the most powerful machines that are available in the market. The quality and safety standards are maintained very well. This machine is third generation LED. It has LED diodes that are fitted along with the machine. These give out wavelength and the management of heat is also good. In clinics that normally use this, it goes on for hours on end and does not cause any heating or any other problems. This is one of the best commercial Lipo machines that any commercial salon can own. The Lipo machine also comes with 16 pads that can be used to target different areas of the body and provide LED treatment to it. Even if you do not want to use all 16 pads at a single time it is advisable to use at least four to eight pads at any given point of time.


Using this number of pads will also ensure that more heat is reaching the areas that you are targeting and it helps the body as well. The pads can also be used for targeting single areas of the body. If someone wants to target only the hips or the thighs then you should only use appropriate number of pads on the hips or the thighs. The rest of the pads can be kept idle.

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