In order to be successful in a dating chat, one has to be tactical. There are several single people who come online with the hope of carrying out a successful chat but they fail miserably. For men, most of them complainabout women not responding back to their chats. While women complain that they get quantity instead of quality in terms of the way write to them. If you check out well, the two complaints are interrelated and here is an advice for both men and women on how to carry out successful dating chat.

How Men Should Carry Out A Dating Chat online


If you decide to write to a woman on a dating site that you are sexy, gorgeous and hot, you will fail miserably. This is because the wording makes you seem generic and boring. More beautiful women on dating sites receive such chats every day and they don’t find anything exciting about it. This means, your compliments will not be unique, thus getting a response from her is nil. She will just get bored reading what you have sent to her and she won’t see the reason why she should respond to it.

How do you succeed, then as a man in a dating chat with a woman online? Get a woman who shares the same interests like you by checking out her profile. From there, start a conversation on that particular interest and you will prompt her to respond because whatever you are talking about is something that she is also interested in. You can check out for a woman whom you enjoy same authors, same tv shows, hobbies or movies.


You can start your conversation like “Mmmm, I like Movie X too, which is your favorite character in the movie? If both of you are into hiking, you can share a short experience about your favorite trail, then you ask her about her latest experience while she was hiking. If by any chance she has written that she is learning  a foreign language and you happen to know it, you can start your dating chat by writing ‘How was your day” in that language.

Make sure that your profile is well set to show exactly who you are if you claim to be into hiking, let it have some pictures of you while on your outdoor. Show the world you mean what you say.

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