When it comes to planning you or a loved ones funeral, you must be fully prepared to deal with the many things you need to consider when doing so. First thing you need to do is to find the peroper funeral services in Singapore in order for you to have a proper funeral that adheres to your wishes before your departure. Preparing a Buddhist funeral for family tradition or religious purposes will need a lot of thinking and preparation. But before that, you must know what happens before, during, and after a traditional Buddhist funeral in order to properly prepare for it.aid726585-728px-Be-a-Good-Buddhist-Girl-Step-4-Version-2

What is the Traditional Buddhist Funeral?

Buddhism focuses on reaching nirvana, which is the state of being content without the need for desires or other notions humanity goes through in life. This is what many aspire to achieve before death. Before one departs, his family members and loved ones surround him, making him feel comforted not just physically, but through helping him reflect upon the good he has done in his life before he departs. Verses may be chanted, depending on the tradition family sets when preparing for death in a family. Basically, they try to free the person of anything he feels is disrupting him from reaching Nirvana.  They are free from any kind of negative vibe or suffering before departure.buddhist-monk-lighting-candles

When the deceased has now departed, there is no need for any fancy clothing. Rather, he will be wearing his usual clothes, usually what he wears everyday. He also has the right to choose if he would like to be embalmed, buried traditionally, cremated, or have his organs donated to science or other purposes (As he wishes before departing, of course).

The funeral service can be held at the temple, monastery, or in the comforts of the departed’s home, where family members and loved ones will gather around to deliver eulogies and give flowers to ensure a good and safe journey to the afterlife. These are where loved ones will pay their last respects to the deceased. On the 49th day, there will be another ceremony, as this is when they believe that the deceased takes on a new form. Another ceremony will be held at the temple or at home, where loved ones will again pay respects to the deceased. It will be done every year during the day of death of the deceased person.

In Conclusion

It’s best to be knowledgeable about the traditional funeral and what you want to happen before you depart. That way, the emotional burden of your families will be lifted, with them focusing on mourning for your death rather than the many preparations that may burden them even more. Good funeral services in Singapore will be able to help you with the whole plan, without you being stressed or pained to make everything go well. You can find good funeral services in Singapore through the help of loved ones, or by searching online.

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