Our hair is so important to us and nowadays we see so many hairstyles coming up and so many variations of one type of hairstyle depending on the hair length and hair type. We also see so many hair products on the products in the market that are supposed to help us make our hair look like a certain kind but most of them are chemical and leads to hair fall. Many of us have bald patches on our head that look bad and go for so many therapies that supposedly help us re-grow our hair but they just end up leaching the cash of us without any visual effect. So what can we do? Do we use some products in the market that will supposedly help us grow our hair? Or do we use some natural home remedies that will help and have been passed on from grandmothers to mothers through generations. The real question is how to regrow hair naturally for men rises most of the time in every male mind. ajkertips_stop-hair-fall

Well we have some home remedies that we think that will definitely help.


Well one of the first things that you need to keep in mind if you want to re grow is that you need to maintain whatever hair that you have left and see to it that they don’t fall off too. You can do this by eating healthy and a balanced diet. Whatever you eat will show in the way you look. You need to make sure if you are having enough proteins, Biotin and omega-3 fatty acids that help in hair growth and also make hair healthier. You need to moisturize your hair at least twice a week with some essential oil. Always remember to buy cold pressed oil as they are rich in minerals. You could put hair masks once a week that will make your hair lush and give it that beautiful shine.aid7654290-728px-stop-hair-loss-naturally-step-10-version-3

One of the best ways to re grow hair is massage your hair twice a week with hot oil. You need to apply hot oil to your scalp and massage it with your finger tips at least twice a week. Apply oil like coconut, olive, almond and castor oil with some other essential oil. You can even try yoga and doing head stands that will help you supply blood to your head. Try rubbing the tip of your nails for 15 minutes every day.

One of the best home remedies that I found useful was the use of fenugreek seeds. Crush your fenugreek seeds with the help of a mortar and leave it in water overnight. In the morning rinse your hair with the water. Fenugreek has all the required minerals that can help you grow new hair as it is known to activate new hair follicles. You can do the same thing with used green tea bags, leave them in water and then rinse your hair with the water.

Try to stay away from too many chemical products and always prefer buying products that say that they are SLS and paraben free. Use natural hair products and stay away from conditioners as they tend to add more chemicals to your hair. You can use natural products like Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil to moisturize your hair after shampooing. Just take two three drops and leave them in your hair.

Always use a broad toothed comb to comb your hair as it decreases hairfall and never comb your hair when it is wet as when it is wet it is the weakest. Towel dry and then air dry your hair and then comb it. Avoid putting hair products and avoid using a hair dryer. If you are using a hair dryer then always use a heat protecting spray, and if you need to use hair products always use the light ones. Avoid tying your hair into tight hairstyles that leads to lots of hairfall and can leave patches of baldness on your head.

A very important thing to do is to exercise as it gets rid of stress and keeps our hormones in balance. It also helps us in keeping our blood flowing. Be positive and always imagine that you are changing for the better. Eat a balanced diet as that will also keep the working of our body I balance.

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