Experiencing a stolen phone is a nightmare come true, especially if you think about the fact that people invest good money into their mobile phones. But unlike before, there are new ways to help owners locate their phones no matter where it might be. In case you become the owner with the lost or stolen phone, you might wonder ‘how do I find my iPhone by IMEI?’ Well, IMEI is one of the most efficient ways to retrieve your iPhone. But keep in mind though, this is not a fool proof plan, there are still cases where the thief finds a way around the security. iphone_carrier_check0

Locating Your IMEI

Every phone has a unique registration number and we call it the localizar iphone por imei would contain twice IMEI digits; the IMEI number on a phone is entirely different from the IMSI numbers, this is stored in the sim card. The IMEI card is located on the phone itself, but in case you did not have the chance to copy it, the IMEI number is stated on the phone’s box. Let’s say that you did not retain any copy, you can have the following options:iphone-imei-code-about


  1. Visit iTunes help on an external computer.
  2. Choose the ‘preferences’ option and select ‘devices’.
  3. Click iPhone backup among the options, when the process is successful you should be able to view your IMEI number as well as other information about your phone.

AT&T Account

  1. Log in to your AT&T account and select ‘My Profile’
  2. Click the ‘Update my Profile’ option and select the user information.
  3. Select the customer service support.
  4. A message stating ‘Wireless Customer Agreement’ should appear. Click on the message, it will trigger an automatic download of a PDF. In the PDF all your phone information including your IMEI is displayed.

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