Have you ever used or at least seen a telephone book? These are usually the bound thick books kept by the telephone. It had various use from being the source of telephone numbers and addresses (the right way to use it) to being a paper weight or an ornament that just collects dust. The portion of the telephone book that actually lists residential and business numbers in alphabetical order is called les pages blanche. The white pages, before the advent of the internet, was rather useful in locating numbers of business or even friends.  Now, most people just use search engines or social media to look up contact details. The internet has made a lot of things a lot of easier. Flipping through the thick pages and going through each name on the list to find what you’re looking for does not seem rather ideal at this day and age. Why waste so much time when you can just easily go on the internet to search?whitepages.com.au

Keeping Up With The Times

Thankfully the white pages have not necessarily been left behind by the changes in the world. You can actually find a web version of the white pages. It’s a lot useful compared to blindly searching on search engines. It has a curation of names, numbers and addresses. You can even search through public records but in most cases you would have to first register with the site’s premium membership. It works the same way as the physical white pages but is just on the web. That definitely makes things a lot easier.

You don’t have to keep changing your copy of the telephone book to keep updated as the site does this itself. There would be less clutter at home and more accuracy than just relying on searching through generic search engines for contacts.

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