Many of us are not happy with the quality of desktop speakers that we have. So we would like to upgrade from them so that we can enhance our music experience a bit more. It’s very tough to find a good speaker in the $100 range and even if we do then they don’t really live up to our expectations. We think that we have finally solved your problem by finding the perfect pair of speakers for you. The speakers that we are going to talk about categorize themselves as studio monitors but don’t expect so much just in $100 still trust me on the fact that they will definitely be an upgrade from your average desktop speakers. home-recording-studio

M-Audio AV32 Review

When you open the box you find a speaker that has an one inch textile tweeter and it looks like a more smooth version of the ones that are present on the JBL LSR305. The woofers are paper coated with something like butyl rubber coating on the borders and is covered with a foam cap to protect it from the dust. The company says that it is 3.5 inches in diameter but it definitely looks larger.

The only input points at the back are the two RCA points and they are internally powered. There is only a large flip on and off switch and other than that the device auto detects the sound. In the front there are two input points, both 1/8 inches, one for the headphones and one for a device.home-recording-studio1

It is mainly made of wood and has vinyl coating all over it.

The speakers sound great in the sides and the back but not much in the front. The sound is very clean but becomes bad when you introduce treble. The amp sounds pretty good to be honest but only till a controlled volume, it suffers once you reach 95dB.

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