With many countries prohibiting the use of tobacco cigarettes, the need for e-cigarettes has shot up. Health awareness has also decreased the users of tobacco and increased the users of e-cigarettes. The eliquids used in the e-cigarettes are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and nicotine. These liquids are used in various proportions according to the user’s requirement. However, each user uses flavors according to their individual taste buds. The propylene glycol helps to blend well with the flavor and the nicotine content of the liquid giving sharpness to the vapor which is preferred by some. There are others who give preference to VG level as they give a thicker consistency and a smoothening tone to the throat. However, using these two liquids requires more experimenting to find the right proportion. The containers that are used to fill these liquids can be either be Clearomizer tanks, Sub-ohm tanks or Drippers.e liquid

Juicers and Flavors

Vape juices have different flavors and are the favorite option of many. They are user-approved and come in flavors like dessert flavors and fruit flavors. We also custom blend a flavor according to your choice. The e-liquid that you are looking for is with us and you can try your favorite as well as choose from the vast blends we have. We provide sample packs so that you can select the blend that you would like. Once you prefer a particular blend we can provide you with big gigantic bundles of the vape juice you love. If you are a coffee lover, we have flavors for you in various delighting coffee flavors too, like mocha coffee blended finely with perfect combination along with raspberries, a mixture of fruit and coffee in the right proportion. Of course as a tobacco lover you can get your favorite classical tobacco blend in the right proportion. For those who love the cool feel there are menthol flavors that give a icy feel in the mouth or the vanilla ice cream which is always a treat to the mouth. There are many flavors like latte with pumpkin well spiced up or apple pie that gives a warm nostalgic feel or pecan cake that looks and tastes delicious. We suggest that you choose your favorite flavor and then try other flavors so that you can slowly get used to other flavors as well. Our options are many and it is you who would have to do the choosing from us. We do not compromise on variety or taste. We provide vape juices that possess proper food grade ingredients that are approved by the FDA.e liquidVapers like to use various combinations of PG and VG for each inhale. They also use them with different flavors. The fruit flavors are preferred by many for their tart while using cream and custard are loved by those who love the tangy taste and thickness in the mouth. The sweetening flavor adds to the dessert flavor for others. With different combination, you can experiment the best e-cigarette vapor with the best eliquid.

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