In the action gaming world some franchises which have emerged as the most loved and successful, merely started as game makers for PC. Let us just look at “The Battlefield” or the “Call of Duty”. Both merely started as some very successful PC platform games and are presently few of the most-largest, most versatile as well as multi-platform popularity having franchises.

And if you see, since the mid 2000’s the graphical grunt of the PC’s has increased exponentially, subsequently giving way to highly enhanced gameplay & graphics, and that too along with quite impressive graphics. Given here are few of the unblocked games  most exciting action flicks that made huge sensation shortly in the action gaming universe….


1.) Half-Life 2 :

Summary & plot overview : By taking into account the suspense, challenge & thrill of original, along with the startling, enhanced graphics & new realism accompanied by the responsive interface. This version of Half-Life connects the player to a world wherein the player’s presence affects each & everything around him/her, starting from physical environment till the behaviors of both friend & enemy. The player is again with the crowbar tool of the researcher & scientist Dr. Gordon Freeman, who discovers that he is on a alien attacked Earth which has been picked to bone & its resources being depleted etc. stuff. Freeman’s unenviable role of rescuer of world is carefully crafted and accompanied with good and logical plot.

2.) Grand Theft Auto V :

Summary & plot overview : Los Santos an awesome sun-soaked city which is full of self-help type of  gurus, starlets or fading celebs, who were once the envy of Western world, are now struggling for staying alive and that too in a time of economic insecurity & cheap reality Television. Amidst all this chaos, three witty criminals plot of their chances of surviving. Franklin: a street hustler, Michael: a pro ex-con, and Trevor: who’s a big violent guy. With their options, the trio risks all in a sequence myriad of daring, bravery & much dangerous tasks that could set’em up for entire life.

3.) BioShock :

Summary & plot overview : Going beyond the “run and gun circumstances” and “ the static worlds”, BioShock created a living, unique, mysterious and unpredictable FPS gaming experience. As a player, your plane unfortunately crashes into the icy & uncharted waters, you then discover a rusty bathysphere and go down into the Rapture, you discover a city hidden in depths of the sea. Constructed with an ideal society in mind, for a handful of scientists, industrialists & artists, that idealism which was no more.

Now the city which is covered with the dead, wild and powerful guardians watch the corridors & genetically mutated residents will try to ambush you in every place. Take control of the place by hacking into a mechanical device, controlling the security turrets and making different items ensuring your survival. Upgrading the weapons with different gels, explosives & toxins hence, customizing them as per the enemy and their environment. You’ll experience the true next-gen graphics which will vividly present the city, highlighted in the very detailed & realistic manner. Making meaningful & mature choices will help in forwarding in the game & you’ll decide the fate of innocent survivors of the Rapture…whether to save them or not?


4.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Summary & plot overview : When the Empire starting to attack the Kingdoms of  North it is then that Wild Hunt, a troop of ghastly riders, wandering across your neck and the only path for survival is that you need to fight back. You are Geralt from Rivia, the master of swords and monster or witch hunter, you can’t leave any of the enemies standing. Explore the world, kill and slay demons, beasts and remember a lot rests on you!

5.) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Summary & plot overview : popularly called COD was one of the most enjoyable and sensational game of present time. COD 4 : Modern Warfare is a single player game which unfolds, a new gameplay at each & every turn, at one moment you find that you are fast-roping from one Black Hawk plane after entering in the active war zone, with a fleet of choppers, moreover you’re a sniper, under cover. Along with the explosive action, COD 4: Modern Warfare is also praised for its special effects, real timed post processing, also texture streaming accompanied by some physics enabled effects.

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