Do you have any job that involves fabricating, designing and reshaping metal pieces? Metal fabrication Brisbane might be exactly what you need. Rockpress is among the top metal fabrications and manufacturing in Brisbane, their physical location is at the Acacia Ridge in Brisbane. Due to the facilities and resources that are readily available to Rockpress, they can handle projects if absolutely any size; anything from plain metal components to massive structural projects.

Rockpress’ Metal Fabrication


Regarding Rockpress’ metal fabrication, in essence they offer custom job workshops and can easily do projects of any size and shape. They do all kinds of order at their General Steel Fabrication, they have all the needed skills and equipment to deliver the client’s wants with the help of brass, stainless steel, zinc coated steels, aluminum, copper and carbon steels.

Of course they can efficiently deliver projects that involve materials other than metal like plastic, timber and glass. The factory work flow that they have incorporated for some time allows them to start and finish the job over multiple stations; this procedure promises the quickest and most effective result. The procedures to be applied on a project heavily depends on the specifications of the client, the process might include machining, milling, bead blasting, laser cutting, thermal spraying, bending, powder coating and wet spraying.


The other famous service they offer is sheet metal fabrication, whatever you need done to your sheet metal can be easily done. Known for their extensive knowledge and experience with manufacturing sheet metal products, they can fabricate and customize the metal products that you need from copper, zinc plates, aluminum, stainless steel and more. Regardless if it’s a plain steel component or even a number of customized steel products they can comply with all the demands and specifications without a hitch.

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