Online team player games have been gaining popularity since quite a few years now and soon become a rage with their own communities, guides, hacks, etc. Clash of clans can be taken as a case in point. I clearly remember meeting friends who’d be busy with their tablets or smartphones, making clan strategies or just talking to their clan members. Through the way these games are designed, people not only find entertainment in playing them, they also find a sense of belonging with their team-members, with some friendships getting deeper than just the game and moving to other forums.

Pixel gun 3d  has also started making a place in the gaming world-slowly but surely. The game offers different playing modes-PvP, Arena etc. It even has a mode for the ones who like to play solo, offering them the option to try and become the best player in the Deathmatch mode. Players can play the game in the free mode or the paid pro mode. It is a game or weapons and armoury, promising to attract all the attack game lovers. More of the serious players would start moving to the paid mode as it offers them the options to get better armour, improve their weapons and hence enjoy the game better.


But, the developers of these games, not only work on introducing better features, modes and details into the game, they also spend time promoting the community. With communities across forums like facebook, twitter and Vkontakte, Pixel Gun 3d is doing the same. They recently did online polls to choose their best guides through audience polls.  These games gain popularity mainly based on word-of-mouth publicity and craze and to generate that, audience involvement and a strong community bonding is extremely important.

As the games start gaining popularity, the online world also starts getting abuzz with tricks, tricks and hacks for the same. The online hack for pixel gun 3d is also making an appearance now. There are dedicated website which are offering hacks like unlimited coins, which can then be used to buy weapons and power of the player’s choice. It helps people climb levels-either because some people are just curious to explore what else the game could have in store for them at the higher levels, or just because they need to show-off to their friends/community that they are certain levels up. In either case, the hacks act both as a boon and bane to the original game.

The developers will keep working to improve the game to counter the easily available hacks-this keeps the excitement alive. On the other hand, with the hacks available, even a tough game doesn’t stay impossible and for the ones who are not gaming pros, it helps generate an interest into the game as they get hooked onto it. Win-win situation for all!


So, go check out this exciting game-try it in a single player mode if you aren’t comfortable with multi-player at first and graduate to playing against your friends, colleagues and whoever you want to challenge. After all, Pixel game 3d is addictive.

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