The typically users of plagiarism checkers are teachers as well as a handful of businesses. Teachers would actually want their students to write everything on what they submit to the teacher, this is especially true of graduate students. Businesses would use a plagiarism checker software on the reports of their employees or on the application of potential employees. Plagiarism is a sign of disinterest and it’s not all that fair that a person gets to use the work of another without giving them any sort of credit.plagiarism checker software

Paper Rater

Used by thousands of people on over 100 countries, it has helped students enhance their writing on more than one occasion. The people at Paper Rater have made it their mission to provide tools that are easily accessible to any user out there regardless of their income. Part of their entire development process includes a professional team of computational linguists as well as subject matter experts that are responsible for developing the NLP or Natural Language Processing.

Not only do they have a plagiarism checker that’s completely free of charge, they also offer a grammar checker. Aside from their main products, users can access quality tool known as the Vocabulary Builder. The Vocabulary Builder was specifically designed to aid students in effectively learning the correct usage of certain words.


  • Offers about three unique tools to help the users: plagiarism checker, grammar checking and even writing suggestions.
  • Title validation
  • Readability statistics
  • The tools and the system is maintained and updated by professionals as well as graduate


Is not able to save reports. 

Paid Version

  • Allows uploading of documents
  • A better processing
  • Accepts documents that are longer than those allowed to the unpaid version (about 6,000 words.)
  • No banner ads

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