Pokemon Go has become an overnight sensation in the world. People are going crazy after the game and searching the pokemons to catch. This game is no longer a game but it has become a worldwide competition and passion for the people. People are exploring places and visiting the places that they have never been to. The age has become a number with the Pokemon Go. The craze of the game can be understood with the simple fact that the game is been played worldwide but it has been released officially only in US and UK. One needs to reach the fifth level of the game in order to start the real combat with the Pokemons. There are many groups on Social Media as well for the Pokemon Go Lovers which are constantly sharing tips and tricks.  But how to catch them all? Well, either you need to go and catch them from different places and different Poke Stops or else you have some Pokémon Go Cheats for you. Here is the all in one guide for Pokemon Go for everyone.10 There are many Pokemon Go tricks available. There are many things that must be considered while playing the exciting and amazing game. It is not all about catching the Pokemon but it is also about hatching the eggs of the Pokemon. Here are the best of tricks of Pokemon Go that can help you to become one of the masters in Pokemon.

Dog is your best friend

If you have a pet dog, then it is your best friend for Pokemon Go. To hatch the eggs of the Pokemon you need to walk and it is not possible all the time. All you can do is to tie the phone on the back of your dog and your job is done. However, ensure that it does not go outside and risk the phone for hatching of the eggs. There are certain things that must be remembered in such case. You must monitor the dog as well so that the dog does not go to the water or somewhere else. There are chances that the trick may go against you if the dog goes outside and someone just picks up the phone, and then it will be a loss of the phone. So, ensure you are constantly monitoring your pet while doing it. But it is worth trying of course.

Get an Uber Friend 508800-pokemon-go

If you have a friend who works on Uber then your chances to catch all types of Pokemons get multiplied by many times. They would visit many places throughout the day and that would give the opportunity to catch even rare pokemons. The more you travel, the better is the opportunity. It is important to know that there are professional services by the Uber Driver for the same available as well. The craze of Pokemon Go is just spicing up every day. The Uber driver takes the phone at various places and catches the pokemons for you. You will get the enough distance to hatch the eggs for the pokemon eggs as well.

House Cleaner

The house cleaner can be used as a perfect Poke Trick. Hatching of the eggs can be done with ease with the house cleaner. All you have to do is to put the phone and then relax. Well, there are other benefits as well associated with this trick; you can simply clean the house as well. This is really a brilliant trick for the Pokemon Go lovers. So, all you need is a rotating and moving house cleaner that will hatch your pokemon eggs.


If you have a Drone then it is just the perfect for you to catch the Pokemons. There are people who have tied the Android Phone with the drone and control the phone using App called Air Droid. So, basically the user will have the control of the phone from the PC and it will be in the sky in Drone. So, you can catch multiple Pokemons in little time. The control of the Drone and phone will be in your hand and that can make things pretty easy as well. Moreover, due to the speed of the Drones, the hatching of the Poke Eggs can also become possible. So, this is just the perfect trick for your Pokemon Go game.

These are not Pokemon Go Cheats as a whole but are brilliant ideas to get the best of the Pokemon Go. The target of the Pokemon Go is to catch as many as Pokemons possible and hatch as much as eggs possible. Even though people are trying hard moving here and there to catch pokemons but these tricks can take the game to the next level. Are you playing Pokemon Go then try and utilize the tricks to get better than the others.

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