Coupons and discounts are not the only ways which you can save up on your online purchases. Sure, at Don’t Pay Full’s homepage you can have access to hundreds and thousands of coupon codes, but at the DontPayFull Forum you’ll be able to learn about techniques on how to spend less and save more; of course this is just one topic out of a dozen. In forums like these, not only will you be able to learn a thing or two but you can also share your knowledge and

Forum Posting Guidelines

If you’re planning on posting in the forums, replying or starting out a brand new thread you need to first create an account. Afterwards take note of the following before you start posting:

  1. Search out the most relevant forum category for the thread that you plan to start.
  2. Before starting your post, make use of the search function in the forum to check if the thread you want to start has already been posted.
  3. Step number 2 would also apply to questions that you want to ask.
  4. Refrain from posting CPA offers, they are highly misleading and have hidden terms.
  5. Also refrain from posting anything related to ‘For sale items’, Don’t Pay Full is dedicated to vouchers, promos and coupons; it’s not a website for classified ads.
  6. Don’t create posts that contain nothing except for a link, at least provide a brief summary.
  7. No cross posting, post your thread or reply under the appropriate forum.
  8. Links to competing websites are not allowed. They search for deals and coupons and not send members to competing websites just like how competing websites don’t send their members over.
  9. No inappropriate posts; harassment, bashing, racial slurs and anything you wouldn’t show your children or clergy.

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