LED shoes have become the rage in Mexico, and why shouldn’t they be, they are easily available, cheap and your personality can be transformed when you wear them. Get a pair for yourself and check how your look impacts on others. Millions of Mexicans have already bought LED shoes which are also referred to as Light UP Shoes and you will see them in concerts, with joggers, in parties, with runners, and even with those who overboard at night. Get tenis LED mexico and join the crowd.


Here are some of your questions about LED shoes answered for you

  • What LED shoe size should you buy?

When in Mexico, you have an option of the following sizes of the shoe 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5.

  • How Long The Charge of Your LED Shoe Will Last

If you have fully charged your shoes, they will last you up to nine hours on solid light mode, but if they are in the blinking mode, the time will be less than nine hours. So rest assured that your shoes will last you for an entire night out partying without disappointing. But if you want to have them lit for over 9 hours, the best is to have more than one pair.images_qtbn_and9gcsgopq8pone2rls3tndpstuj0l4vgwt9rafzhufoluqry0terb3

  • How To Charge Your LED Shoes

You will find a charging wire which is normally placed inside the shoe near the first eyelet on the left part of the shoe. In order to provide the USB charging extension cable, you have to connect the wire and the charging will start automatically.

  • How to switch off the light, change the lighting mode and color

LED shoes come with a switch which is normally located at the hem of the shoes near the first shoelace eyelet on the inner side of the shoe. You will get it next to where the USB port is located. If you feel that area, you will find a round spot, that is the switch. The first press will switch it on, the second press will change the color, consecutive presses will keep on changing the colors up to the sixth press. On the seventh press, the color blink mode will change from solid to a blink mode. On the ninth press, the light will go off and if you want it on, you press and repeat the procedure to your desired color and lighting

Go ahead and purchase your LED shoes in Mexico.

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