Animals and sports are very closely related. If you are a sports person than there are eighty percent chances of you being an animal lover. There are some sports where you can involve animals too. One of the famous and adventurous sport of this kind is Polo. Polo includes horse riding. Apart from being the part of this game, horse riding is also a very common hobby. People have proper stables and farms where they keep their horses and spend some quality time with them.

Horse riding is an outdoor, adventurous activity that needs lots of precautions and safety, especially when you are new to this. While riding the horse for the first time, one has to be extra cautious because handling a live animal is not an easy job. To know more about the hobby, please visit the page  “”. You can learn more about horses and horse riders from here.

But in all, horse riding is a fun activity that helps you to connect with the speechless soul. Apart from dominance, it teaches you patience. It can turn out to be a beautiful relationship if learned with love, respect and care, but can turn out to be dangerous if improper way is chosen. So here are some quick tips that every new rider should follow. They are:


  • Approaching the horse:

The very first step in horse riding is approaching. Avoid direct approaching or direct eye contact, it can make them aggressive. Instead of this, walk in the form of arc. When reached near, try to sympathize. Try to make a link with them. It can help to generate the bond.

  • Sitting on the back:

Generally horses are trained to accept riders. They expect that rider will be climbing from the left side. Follow this rule. If the horse is moving, don’t force it to stop. Try to climb and control the direction of movement. While climbing, make sure to balance your body. Don’t put all the weight on one side.

  • Body posture:

After sitting on the back, one should maintain proper posture. Your back should be straight and your shoulders should be uniform. You should use sit bones to sit. You should also take care of your leg positions as slipping rates are very high. Proper equipments like helmets, proper boots that are made for riding, etc. should be used. While riding, keep the toe pointed towards the sky, heels down and ankles flexed. Don’t hold the hand too high, and keep them in front of the saddle and at your hip level. Try to stabilize your hands as unwanted movements of your hands can hurt your horse.

In all, try to form a straight line with your ears, shoulder, hips and at last heels.


  • Starting the ride:

While riding, the most important thing is to maintain balance. Gripping is second most important element. To maintain the balance, first of all release all the tension and nervousness.  Try to avoid the leg movements. Try to keep them still and under your control as any movement can give a false signal to horse. Start the ride with the call of “whoa”, pull the reins backward with your closed fingers on reins, and push yourself deeper into the saddle.

  • If the horse becomes uncontrollable:

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to control the speed and the animal becomes unresponsive to the warning or stop signals. At that time don’t become anxious and try to hold the reins with both the hands tightly. Try to move the horse in circular direction by pulling the horse in 1 rein direction. It is also called an emergency brake technique and is used to slow down the speeding animal.

So these are all the points that are to be followed. There are different personalities of horses. Some are friendly and calm while others can be dangerous. Treat them individually and with lots of love and care. At last, have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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