Lack of high quality and affordable video content such as the latest movies and TV shows is a frequent complaint of mobile Internet users. There are numerous apps available for Android in Google Play store for playing and streaming video files but none of these apps addresses the issue of affordability and offers easy search of HD movie and TV show files.

Showbox is a free Android app that addresses this issue by offering free access to latest movies and TV shows to mobile and tablet users. The app offers effortless streaming and downloading of latest TV shows and movies in HD quality for free.The Showbox app stands out because of its ease of use, extensive features and its elegant combining of video content search, streaming and download functionalities in a clean and user-friendly interface.

Ease of Use

On opening Showbox app, the user can see a list of latest movies available for streaming or download in a tiled interface. This allows you to quickly check if the latest movie you wanted to see, or the latest episode of your favorite TV show, has become available for streaming or download.

Besides the default criteria of date of addition, the list can also be sorted according to alphabetical order as well as rating. This allows users to quickly find the movie they have been looking for or search for the highest rated latest movies available.

Both movies and TV shows can also be selected by genres with as many as 18 genre options available for the user to browse and choose from. Hundreds of movies across these genres are available for instant streaming or download to the phone or tablet, allowing users to build their own personal library of classic or favorite movies.

A thoughtful feature of Showbox is that while browsing available movies you can also view information about the movies or shows – such as a brief synopsis, year of release, IMDB rating etc.

When you select a movie or a TV show by tapping on the tile showing its poster, the app gives you the option of either start watching the selection immediately through streaming or to download it on your phone or tablet.

Feature-Rich App

You can also choose the preferred quality for streaming movies and TV shows in Showbox with low, medium and high (Full HD quality) quality options available.

Showbox also allows you to watch the movie or TV shows in the player of your choice and with full subtitle support. What is more, using Showbox, you can also watch movies or TV shows on the big screens of your TV or desktop monitor. Showbox does this by streaming movies using Google Chromecast over Wifi, giving you the perfect viewing experience with full audio for your favorite movies and shows.


Showbox is not available in Google Play store for Android apps and can be installed within seconds by getting the app’s APK file from the official Showbox download website  and sideloading it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

After downloading the app file from the official Showbox download website, the user simply has to open the file and choose Install option after enabling “Unknown Sources” option in their Android’s device settings (Go to Settings > Security and select the checkbox next to “Unknown Sources”).

Showbox is hands down the best movie and TV show streaming and download solution for mobile devices and a must-install app for Android users due to its fluid and easy interface, long list of thoughtful features and extended functionality options such as Chromecast support.

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