Look around you, almost every part of our daily lives are influenced by computers and technology. From the food you eat to daily transportation and your work area involves computers or a computer system. Do you honestly think that we could go through life without any kind of technology? No, we can’t and systems are needed and developed every day in order to meet demand and requirements. Why not become a part of the society that helps develop the system by taking a computer science class Greater Boston? Of course there are also other amazing schools located in some other part of the world, but we’re here to concentrate on one university located in a specific area.


You can be certain that you won’t regret those extra hours and money you spend in additional computer classes; look at the long term benefits in case you’re still having doubts. Why just grab some inspiration from the richest and most influential people in the world like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg; they excelled in the development of computer devices and systems which became the road to their hard earned spots. We’re not saying that you’ll be like them the instant that you finish your course, but with time and effort you could be.

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Otherwise known as UMass Boston, the University of Boston is the third largest campus out of the five-campus University of Massachusetts system. The university offers varying bachelor’s, master’s and of course doctorate degrees. Not only that, but the university also promotes certificate programs as well as corporate, distance learning and continuing programs. It’s located at the waterfront of Boston harbor right beside JFK library.


Computer Science, BS

The Computer Science offered by the University of Massachusetts is top quality and is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. As an enrollee, you should expect thorough education regarding Computer Science theories and practice; in addition, they also provide outside science courses.

Software development is also a major part of their entire curriculum. It’s the perfect curriculum for those who are eager to learn systems programming, software engineering, artificial intelligence, database management and compiler development. Take note that you should be able to easily practice logical reasoning and mathematics if you want to pass the entire course. There’s a reason for this, being able to design programs and solve problems require the said skills.


Enrollees who successfully finish the course are quite proficient with problem solving, software development and software design. They are also able to handle various operating systems as well as computer architectures. Writing, documents and testing programs using difference programming languages will also be a breeze to do. Since they’re in a class, they’re also comfortable working in teams, since they’ll face similar situations in the future. Much like with other courses, they will also have their ‘specialty’ when it comes to in-demand programming languages; it’s up to them if they want to specialize in more than one programming language.

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