Forskolin is a product extracted from Indian Coleus (Plectranthusbarbatus) plant. This is a perennial herb type of plant found mostly in India and East Africa. In india it is commonly known as pashanabhedi. It is a diterpene by chemical nature. It is believed to play a major role in weight loss. Regular intake of it aids in weight reduction. Forskolin does this by increasing the level of a secondary messenger cAMP widely prevalent in our body. This molecule regulates hormonal reaction in our body and cell to cell communication in our body. Thus, this forskolin in a natural viable remedy for weight loss. Not only weight loss but it also acts as sustainable cure for heart and respiratory disorders, asthma and allergies.

The daily prescribed dosage of it is 250mg twice  a day  for obesity and 10 mg per day for asthma. However, it does have some side effects. It causes irregular heart rates and interacts with other medications. It can harm the foetus and hence should be avoided during pregnancy. It can be used as contraceptives as  well. Apart from the side effects, forskolin sold in the market aren’t totally pure. Hence care should be taken while purchasing. One should look for verified and certified products. There are various online website selling forskolin. The best place to purchase pure authentic forskolin is


About the company

Verified forskolin is a US based company. They manufactured this drug in US and hence is governed by US drug safety rules which is the most powerful in the world. Thus they are FDA certified company. The company has been running successfully since 2003. They supply their products all over the world. So far they have served more than 135000 customers all over the world. They boast of fastest shipping in this sector. Verified forskolin has been voted the best brand of forskolin by lean health readers.

Laboratory preparations & certified formulas

They have a well-equipped laboratory with efficient researchers. It is an GPM certified award winning lab. They manufacture the most absorbable amounts of nutrients which are formulated in such a way that it delivers maximum impact in the least possible time. Thus, implying viable fast weight loss at the optimal possible rate without compromising your health. The chemical formula used by them is certified by Certified Clinical Nutritionist named Jason J. Richards. They have been steadily using this formula since 1996 with top quality results and no side effects. The website also offers to guide you with a proper health regime to manage your weight and maximize the treatment.

Ingredients of bottles and their Pricing

The ingredients used in the forskolin capsules are 125 mg of plant root extract (10% forskolin 25 mg), rice flour and gelatin. 1 capsule serves for one time serving. There are 60 capsules in one bottle. One such bottle costs 63.95$ . A package of 2 bottles comes at price of 93.95$ and 4 bottles at 147.95$.

Reasons to choose verified forskolin

They have the best formula in the market. Their highly concentrated formula is well suited for weight loss in both men and women across all age group. Their product delivers long lasting fast outcomes. Approximately 71% of users has seen positive outcomes within 4-6days of usage. They deliver products on time and have the fastest delivery system. Their products are 100% authentic and manufactured in Colorado, USA. They sell the best forskolin in the market.

Other benefits

The website has a blog of their own which gives you ample knowledge and suggestions about weight loss and diet control. The blog is written by nutritionist Robyn J Horvey. She has a masters degree in clinical nutrition from New York University and is a registered dietician. She has a 17 years experience in nutritional counselling and have helped people shed 10-150 pounds via this blog. The blog articles written by her are sound and backed with authentic scientific research. One can view those references from research journals at the end of each article. One such blog written by her is diet plan for forskolin users. This suggests reduction in intake of fat containing foods, baked and canned foods, intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, use of caraway seeds along with forskolin to maximise its effects and regular exercise.

Success stories from customers

Another biggest advantage of using verified forskolin is its client satisfaction. Testimonials at this website will lead you to various success stories of people across different social strata and age group. Here you will find a nurse, a former marine from Indiana, a voluntary teacher changing cities from new York to texas, an unemployed youngster battling depression all telling their success stories. All of them had one thing in common – an urgency for a viable natural weigh loss supplement without side effects. Verified forskolin provided that in a stipulated time.


Other websites for forskolin purchase

Apart from Verified forskolin there are other websites selling authentic forskolin like amazon,, ebay. the dosage is same in all of them 250 mg of forskolin but the standardisation varies. The one available in amazon is manufactured by bioganx and contains 90 capsules containing 250 mg each at a price of 23.72$. marcellemndza sells a bottle of 60 capsules (40% standardized) at a price of 21.37$.  ebay gives the same product of bioganx at 18.95$. is a good website for purchasing pure authentic forskolin. This website lets you choose amongst various packages of forskolin available best on your necessity. A the dosage and usage of forskolin varies according to your priority , they provide suggestions accordingly. They have one manufactured by garcinia at 89.99$, another 500mg one at a price of 39.95$. Research Verified 20% standardized forskolin at 48$ (1 bottle) and at 120$ (3 bottles). 3 pack 750 mg supplements at 42.75$ and 4 pack at 49.95$

Thus, forskolin is a viable natural remedy for different health disorders but its primary importance lies in maintaining body weight and curbing obesity. Thus, it is of utmost importance to look for an authentic version of it. Verified Forskolin is best merchandise to purchase pure authentic forskolin.

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