Chess is one of the oldest board games in the entire universe. It is a game which tests intellect, strategy, and concentration and is very easy to play. In order to play, you need to have a board of 64 squares, 16 black pieces, and 16 white pieces. Our site is the original site  where you can learn anything concerning the chess game.  Here is where you will learn about the best chess boards which people have used for a lifetime and they have become an heirloom. There are various chess sets available in the market with varying prices and you will get to learn about them here.  ch163-2

Frosted Glass Chess Set (Black in Color)

King weight is at 1.5 Oz; and the board thickness is at 1/8 inches. It is a chess set with a modern look of glass which is attractive to many customers. It is indeed one of the best chess set to buy as a gift to your friends and relatives.

Staunton Chess Set in Cherry Finish Storage Box

It is a metal and wooden chess set which has a cool finish making many customers love  it. According to reviews on Amazon, there are repeat purchases of this particular chess set, meaning, it is loved by many who come back to buy for their friends and family members.s975276824709933280_p70_i1_w640

16 Inch Mahogany and Beech Chess Set With a Storage Box

No more looking around for the best chess set as this is the correct and top of the art chess set. It is a large sized wooden chess set which combines hand-carved, natural and stained Beechwood chess pieces with a chess board that is made from mahogany stained beech wood. It comes with 32 pieces, hinged stained wood storage box for the chessmen and a wooden chessboard.  It is originally made in Poland. It costs $85.45.7e1ad426a6b367f792d8a217c5cf2731

19 Inch Mahogany and Beech Chess Set With Storage Box

It comes with 32 chess pieces, hinged stained wood storage box for chessmen and a wooden chessboard. The king height is 3 ¾; the King weight is 1.5 Oz; the King base is 1 ½ inches; the overall board dimension is 19” x  19”; the square size is 2 inches; and the board thickness is ½ inch.

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