Using a TIG welder will ensure that you have very clean welds with minimal smoke and without sputtering. That is why it is highly attractive for a cosmetic application like automotive, sculptures, experimental aircraft and other home tasks. Thin gauge parts of metal applications, light metals like copper alloys, aluminum, and chrome lubing also use this method for welding. This is because the aforementioned materials need a specific amount of heat control in order to avoid burn off or warping through the bottom of the metal.  Cheap TIG welder machines can work as well as the high-end machines, though with some limitation.

Here are some of the best cheap TIG welder machines under $1000

Longevity TigWeld 200SX tig welding

Longevity is a machine which runs on both 220V and 110V making it be among the best TIG welder machines under $1000. It is constructed in a way that, it is comfortable to work with it as an adaptable and  reduced unit which will offer you with a basic arrangement of controls which will make it perform various tasks. There is a richer effect in both the pre and post flow clearance effect.  It is a machine which is easy to use and very portable. So if you want a machine on the go, this is the machine to choose. It has a weight of 41 pounds. Its dial options are simpler due to its simple body design which provides a cutting edge technology which makes the welding experience superb. It’s striking, effective and simple which keeps the tungsten contamination free. It costs $1,019.


AHP AlphaTig 200DXTIG Welding

AHP AlphaTig 200DX is one of the cheap TIG welders which goes for a price of under $1000. It comes equipped with a stick function and digital display. This makes it be able to perform tasks which are suitable for everyone. It can be used by professionals, hobbyists and even part-time workers. It is one TIG welder machine which offers great professionalism in welding materials such as stainless steel and thin aluminum. Due to having dual voltage, it is easier to use by both novice and professional welders. As compared to other TIG welder machines, it is quite affordable and many people can easily afford it. It has a good arc stability and AC support balance. It costs between $679.00 and $799.00.


The above two machines are among the best TIG welders which are in the market

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