Stars do it, sportspersons do it, members of Parliament do it, let’s do it, just do that yoga thing.

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to join” or “to yoke”.

Yoga was originated in ancient India handful of decades ago. Yoga typically means ‘union’ between the mind, body and soul. It involves the practice of physical postures and poses, which is sometimes referred to as ‘asana’.

We live in a world of deadlines, cutoffs and bustling period where 5 minutes of taciturnity and stillness is difficult to grasp.

Once you decide to stick to your bed all day long on a lazy sunday morning and drink tea listening to old soulful tracks but then the door bell is here to distort your dream bubble and lands you into the real universe.

It’s the watchman asking for his wage or the milkman or some delivery guy.

The entire plan to indulge into a deep solitude is bursted. This leads to frustration and aggression.


If you had similar encounters and just stood there waiting for people to just rummage through your entire day then my dear Lord, you need a push.

Yoga is your push.

Yoga has many health benefits. It’s like your health insurance policy.

It is a tried and tested and trusted method practiced since ages for the first time and now it’s root are profoundly embedded in the culture.

Yoga is known to cleanse your body, mind and soul at all the levels.

Inner thoughts find their way out in a more presentable manner, actions are more thoughtful.

Attention is empowered and intensified.

Yoga is the cure to your chronic pains and illnesses.

It improves digestive system and respiratory problems.

It has many beauty benefits, it reduces the rate of ageing, skin remain glowing and nourished, sagging of skin is discounted.

It prevents and protect your body against joint and muscles problems.

It aids in weight loss and also sharpens your metabolism mechanism.

It is known for protecting your body against alien elements and strengthening of immune system.

It perfects postures.


Not only physical laundry is done, the inside of the body i.e the spirit is also cleansed and unstained.

There are so many spiritual connections attached to this art.

Some believe it is the pathway which threads your way to the God almighty.

Some people express this practice as the mechanism for the attainment of MOKSHA – THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF LIFE.

All you need is a good yoga trainer or sign up for some yoga classes.

If this is not possible you can just use the most important advancement in the Era of technology – The INTERNET.

Satellites orbiting around the space can provide you with any information you need.

Download some yoga videos and tune into your TV’s or laptops. There are so many yoga training methods and an array of yoga training reviews by the experts available.

Grab the best one and make the best out of it.

Make your life simpler and healthier.

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