PC gamers have always been in a majority over other gamers. This is mostly due to the sheer presence of PCs everywhere. So there are plenty of developers creating games for this section. Naturally, there are many exclusive games for PCs, as there are for other consoles. So let’s talk about one such exclusive title, which is currently only available for PCs and Macs. League of Legends is an online multiplayer game for Windows and OS X. It is a battle arena game, where players fight each other in teams or against the computer. The game is free to play but involves in game purchases via micro transactions. The gameplay is entirely in 3rd Person.

The game terms its battlefields as Fields of justice. This is where players battle out others in different modes. These involve classic mode and dominion mode. Players play the role of ‘summoners’ that have the ability to summon ‘champions’. These champion are beings with special abilities that enable them to fight each other. In the classic mode the aim is to destroy a structure called ‘nexus’, sort of a player’s heart.

There are different fields of justice like the ‘Summoner’s Rift’, The Twisted Treeline’ and ‘Howling Abyss’, which give players a completely different experience within the game. The game begins with players starting with very weak stats and are supposed to develop those while progressing with the game. There are various different abilities, attacks and spells that can be acquired throughout the game.

The game, often called ‘LoL’ is already quite popular with gamers in North America. While the game is free to play, there are instances where buying objects feels necessary.

The insanely low stats at the beginning of the game discourages many to continue the game. Also, the game requires and allows you to level up over time as you engage in more battles. While it’s a popular title among the regular gamers, other players, who are new to gaming find it very difficult to level up battling continuously amid the other high level players.

So there are many instances of selling of high levelled game accounts so that the buyers can simply play at a higher level, without undergoing all the troubles of levelling up. So many feel it adequate to buy LoL account. Skipping the ethics of gamers, it does seem as a credible way for soft gamers to reach a higher level, so that they too can enjoy the game heartily.

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