We only want what’s best for the people we love and that include the facilities that they’ll use. As you may already know, any form of addiction is not a pretty sight especially for the person’s loved ones; the most common kind are substance, drug and alcohol abuse. Nothing hurts more than seeing your loved one need help but not be able to help them. On the other hand, you can’t help a person who doesn’t want to help themselves. So we encourage you to help them realize that they need some of the best rehabs to help them fully recover a life worth living.

His House Addiction Treatment

Located at 239 W 9th Street, Upland, CA 91786, USA His House Addiction Treatment follows an effective and carefully constructed treatment plan that involves crucial element; some of these crucial elements are patient education, spirituality and treatments based on a person’s individual needs. So what can you expect from His House Addiction Treatment Centre?


  • Individually based treatment plans – a person’s addiction is their addiction alone and it should also be treated as uniquely. The most effective kinds of treatments are those that were designed for a specific person only. They don’t believe in general treatment plans, that’s why they’re known as one of the best.
  • Affordable treatment options – please don’t expect their facilities to be like the huge expensive kinds found in hospitals. His House Rehab wants the clients to feel relax and at home in their new environment. The facilities are more like comfortable homes found all throughout Southern California. These houses will be the place where a client wins their battle against addiction. Don’t worry if in case you don’t have any insurance coverage because His House Rehab will still have options for you.
  • Christian programs – addiction is actually a chronic disease that can affect not just the person themselves but also their family and home. His House Rehab offers a unique spiritual approach included in the client’s healing process.

Saint Jude Retreats

The Saint Jude Program has been in service for over 26 years they focus on the client themselves. They want to show the clients just how much power and self control they actually possess; they want clients to realize that they can take control of their lives with their own hands. Expect the following from Saint Jude Retreats:


  • The relapse stages are not part of the recovery process – clients will discover that they can permanently overcome their addiction without spending a small fortune on follow up treatments and additional support programs.
  • Learn how to effectively take control of the substance use through proper information. Clients will know exactly what addiction is and what it isn’t.
  • How the addiction affects and changes the brain – clients gain additional insights as to what their behaviour looks like and how it affects the people around them.
  • As you go further into the treatment program, you’ll be able to create a detailed plan for the future.

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